Let the dogs out!


We’re down a game in this series, but we’re not out by a long shot. I know what a team can do when it comes together and plays the game with something to prove. I’ve seen it firsthand.

My first exposure to the postseason was in 2002 with the Twins. In ’01, we were in first place the whole season until Cleveland came back and beat us. We were up by five games in July. We were a young team, with guys like David Ortiz, Jacque Jones and Corey Koskie. We would up in second place, and it was devastating.

That winter, there was all that talk about contraction, how they were going to contract the Twins and the Expos. I was getting calls all winter, people asking me what was going to happen. I thought I was going to be somewhere else. But we got everything worked out, and we came into the 2002 season determined to show everyone what we could do with our $40 million payroll.

Ron Gardenhire was in his first season as the manager. Nobody had us winning the American League Central, but we ended up taking the division with 94 wins and going to the AL Championship Series. That’s when we ran into the Angels, and you know how that turned out.

We went up against Oakland in the AL Division Series, and they had that rotation that was the best in baseball — Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder and Barry Zito. We had to beat the best rotation in baseball. Johan Santana was in our bullpen. Our starters were Joe Mays, Eric Milton, Brad Radke and Kyle Lohse.


They were up on us, 2-1, but we came back and won the fourth and fifth games. When Eddie Guardado threw that last out at Oakland, and Ray Durham popped it up to Denny Hocking, there was this incredible feeling of joy and accomplishment we all had. I mean, think about it. The winter before they were talking about contracting us, and here we were beating the best rotation in baseball and going on to the ALCS.

We didn’t know John Lackey was waiting for us with his 97 mph gas, and Frankie Rodriguez was coming after us. And the Rally Monkey, making everybody go crazy. And, oh yeah, Adam Kennedy with his three home runs in Game 5 after he hit seven all season.

The Angels beat us at our game. That’s when I really began to admire the Anaheim Angels. I saw similarities with us — and nice weather with a great stadium. When they went on and won the World Series against the Giants, it gave me hope. If we’d beaten that team, it probably would have been us winning the World Series.

You can do great things in this game with talent and the right attitude. The Twins that year showed how far you could take it, and so did the Angels. Play the game right, play together, with everything you’ve got, and you can move mountains.

What we have to do now is come out and play with emotion, not play scared. But we also have to play smart. Be patient, take the walk if it’s there. Let somebody else drive you in. We’ve got weapons all through out lineup. Move the runner over, hit the cutoff man, run the bases aggressively, but be smart about it, too.

Hey, we know what we can do. You don’t have the best record in the Major Leagues and win 50 games on the road without having some mental toughness to go with the talent.

The Red Sox are the champions. We’re trying to take the crown off their heads. To do that, you’ve got to get that dog in you. That dog means being a little more aggressive, not being too timid. It’s time to let the dogs out. Woof-woof.


  1. brent0s

    Hopefully the rest of the team is keeping the same good attitude as you have going into tomorrow’s game… Good luck, wish I was here.

  2. marcevan

    And yet the 2002 Angels lost the first game to both the Yankees and the Twins and won the rest of those games in ALDS and ALCS.

    So tonight, if (and when!) the Angels win, that bodes of winning 3 in a row!

    If they lose, it doens’t, but then 0-2 is not the easiest hole to climb out of.

  3. kendrykendrick

    Hi Torii, you’re the Angels’ MVP this year. Don’t let those guys get down if they’re only a run behind. When Bay hit that home run there was nothing but doom and gloom on the Angels’ bench, and you were only a run behind in the 6th inning. Stay positive, stay confident, stay alert, play hard, and you guys will do it.

  4. inabog

    I love your passion Torii, and no matter what happens tonight you have earned a place not only in our lineups but as a true Angel. I won’t be there tonight, but keep inspiring the team and the fans as you have this whole season. If we make it to game 5 or the ALCS, you’ll see a red angel hat waving at you from the right field stands in the beginning of the game as I’ve done at every game I’ve went to. Keep it up, I can’t wait for what’s next.

  5. casakate@yahoo.com

    Torii, you are the BEST!! The Angels are so blessed to have such a wonderful cheerleader. My family rejoiced when you signed with the Angels. I know that you are doing your best. PS Did you make friends with the monkey???

  6. toriitime

    Hey Torii! You’re absolutely right. Never give up! A lot of critics are saying that if the Halos don’t win tonight, then they’re out. I have to disagree. Although it’s arduous to come back from an 0-2 (especially in a place like Fenway), the Angels are a great team; the best in baseball. They can be the ones to manage it.
    Great job so far!

  7. endersavestheday@gmail.com

    Hey Mr. Hunter!!!

    Tough loss tonight, man. I know you really don’t need to hear it from me, but you guys have been playing a great game. But I can’t help but feel you lacked something early in the game.

    You know what I wanted to see earlier in the game? That big set of teeth. You need to smile more, Mr. Hunter, no matter how the game is looking. I could see it early on, everyone wanted to win. Don’t let it get to you.

    You hear over and over from different guys, “we just gotta have fun.” Bull spit, half those guys don’t look like they’re having fun unless they’re winning. You, Mr. hunter, know how to enjoy the game, so don’t stop! Ya’ll have great chemistry, and I don’t want to see that spoiled by fears of failure. They’re only fears. This team has pulled off so much together.
    Together. Together you guys clinched early, together you got K-Rod his save record, together you got the club’s first 100 win season, together you can come back from a 2-0 deficit and silence the non-believers! This rally monk ain’t stoppin’ till the very end! PEACE!

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