On to Boston — and stayin’ alive


What can you say after a game like that? It was intense, start to finish. We went at it toe to toe with the Red Sox and came back strong after they dropped the hammer on us early with that Jason Bay three-run bomb in the first. I think our guys showed a lot of heart, and we’re going to need everything we’ve got in Boston to get back in this series.

So much happened in this second game, I don’t even know where to start. Bottom line, the big bombs killed us — Bay first, and then J.D. Drew. Bay, I guess he’s the new Manny. He’s swinging the bat like Manny Ramirez in this series. Frankie Rodriguez had 62 saves for us this year, and I’ll take my chances with him out there any time. But Drew hits a two-run bomb off K-Rod, and what can you do? Baseball’s a crazy game.

Hey, as long as we have a breath, we’ve got a shot. They haven’t won anything yet. It takes three games to win this thing, and they’re going to have to earn it. I think we showed tonight the kind of character we have. We’re going to keep fighting, I can tell you that much.


You probably want to know about my knee, the left one. We’ll be treating it, and even though it’s sore now, I’ll be out there. I’m old school. This is October, and this is what you live for as a baseball player.

It was all adrenaline when I reacted the way I did on that call at first base in the third inning. We were making a comeback, we had two guys on, and I thought I beat the throw from the shortstop, Alex Cora. The call went against me, and I got excited and jumped up and came down on the knee wrong. I was being intense, going all out — and in the heat of the moment, sometimes you get upset like that. I’m not going to apologize or call it a stupid thing to do. Man, when you’re out there competing, you’re throwing everything you’ve got into it. That’s all I was doing.

We were taking care of business, being patient with Daisuke Matsuzaka, getting guys on base, stirring things up. I got an RBI single in the first inning after Mark Teixeira and Vladimir Guerrero singled, and I was trying to do that again in the third when I got thrown out on that call. In the fifth inning, I hit a bullet to left field for another RBI after Tex and Vladdy walked.

Those two guys were great tonight, getting on base all night long, trying to get us started. It’s a pleasure to play with guys like that who really know how to play the game right. This team is loaded with talent, and it’d be a crying shame for it to end too soon.

In my last at-bat in the ninth against Papelbon, I was trying to get on base to get it started. That’s why I dropped the bunt. It didn’t work out, but in that situation, down two runs, we needed a baserunner. Papelbon’s good. You’ve got to give credit where it’s due.

Some of our guys are trying a little too hard, trying to do too much. They need to relax when we get to Boston. I’ll have a talk with Howie Kendrick, like always. He’s a great kid, with a tremendous future in this game. He had a rough night, but he’ll bounce back. He’s strong. I know how that is — when you’re young, you want it so bad, controlling all that adrenaline isn’t easy.

Right now, I’m exhausted. This was intense baseball, all night long. But we’ll be ready to roll on Sunday night. We’ve played some great baseball in Fenway Park this year, and I don’t see why we can’t do it again. We’ve still got a heartbeat. We’re still a dangerous team.



  1. brent0s

    Jesus I can’t even imagine what that must’ve felt like seeing the ball go over you in the 9th and out of the park. I couldn’t take it any longer but still watched the rest of the game here at the house. I really thought the team had it tonight but Boston wouldn’t let up. Shame… Well good luck in Boston, tell everyone to bring everything they’ve got and then some. Last time you were in Boston you swept ’em… course everything’s different come October but I’d love to watch and hear a stunned Boston crowd on tv. Hope the knee feels better too by then, that was a bad call. Seems like they (Boston) has been getting all the calls their way so far, but what can you do about it…

    Go Halo’s

  2. dhotrodb@msn.com

    Wow, thats all I can say. You guys gave 100% out there but when the umps are missing certian calls (I say you were safe) then what can you do but take it in stride and shock the hell out of them in fenway…. just use that green monster to try to get some extra base hits. I have not missed one game this whole season, I lied… there was one where the schedule said 3:30 but u guys played at 12:30. Anyways I will be cheering you guys on with the rally monkey by my side… wish i could afford tickets!!!!!! Keep your heads up. #1 fan haha, David Brown

  3. endersavestheday@gmail.com

    Light ’em up, Mr. Hunter. You got what it takes to pull this team outta this (on the field and in the clubhouse).

  4. anglsrcool

    It was great seeing the passion and fire that most of you projected out there in the field. It gets us all pumped up as well. Keep it up and I’m confident you guys can bounce back and win three straight! GO HALOS! We’re all rooting for you guys!

  5. smokkee

    you guys have one last shot at turning this around in Boston. Please ruin their season like they’ve done to us so many years.

    2008 is supposed to be our year

    pounce those guys on Sunday!

  6. chengchengchin@hotmail.com

    you and Halos have brought all fans lots of fun and senasation whole year
    I have been to the US for only eight month, Halos are very inspiring that help me pulled through some hard time
    I still believe we can kill red sox, we are not a cheap team
    Halo fans, don’t give up, don’t disappointed,we will bounce back

  7. angelsgirl012

    Glad to hear that you’re doing alright. You gave me a scare there angels can’t afford to lose ya. Tex Vladdy and yourself have been doing extremely well for us so far. I hope the other guys start picking things up we definitely need the bottom of the order to step up!! I still have faith in the angels. It ain’t over yet!!!!
    GO ANGELS!!!

  8. bziegl@yahoo.com


    Thanks for the run down! I’m from MN so it’s been a real sweet having you play down here. You were definately safe!!!!!That was a hella of game last night… You,.. Tex… G.A. and Vladdy have been awesome! I thought we’d win for sure once Figgi got it goin. He’s our spark splug man! Now we just need Kendrick and Nap on board and we will do what we did all season. Kick some ***! Do it Torii.

    I wish I could be there to watch you guys shock Boston… but I’ll be in Laguna tomorrow night havin some sushi at Mosun. You should go there sometime on a Sunday or Monday. Talk to the gorgeous bartender at the bar. Her name is Sonja… tell her Brian told you to hook you up with a burning sunset roll and then buy her a shot of Patron!

    Go Halos!
    🙂 Brian Z.

    PS: Please don’t let Tex getaway this offseason!

  9. toriitime

    Disappointment runs deep; faith runs deeper. We can still do this. As they always say, it’s not over ’till the last out in the ninth. I’m glad your knee’s alright. We need all of our players healthy for this. Sunday’s gonna be the day you guys take it to them. Beat them in Boston and show those fans that we’re not a team to be crumpled up and tossed aside. We got heart! Keep it goin’ Torii!

  10. pj062991@gmail.com

    I am a Sox fan, but I just wanted to give kudos to you guys. You did show a lot of heart and almost came back (certainly made me freaking nervous). Hope your knee is okay and heals well…..just because I don’t want you to help beat us doesn’t mean I want you hurt. Stop jumping around out there willya?

  11. deannhollis@dslextreme.com

    We’re pulling for you guys! Go into Fenway and shock their fans like they shocked us the last 2, and get back here to Cali for a game 5!! Pass along to Frankie that we’d want him on the mound to close any day. You guys are our dream team and I really think you still have the fight in you to get this done. I think you guys need to pick up a copy of the World Series 2002 DVD. We got it done against all odds that year and it is so inspiring to watch, especially the game 6 footage. Go Halos!!! We’re pullin’ for you and a big spankin’ on those Sox!!!

  12. joeminolfi@hotmail.com


    In the immortal words of Adrian Balboa ( Rocky Part 2 )

    When she miracuously came out of a 30 day coma and turned to Rocky & said :

    ” I want you to go out there & WIN ! WIN ! WIN ! ”

    So take your busted left knee & smack your teamates in the face a couple of times & get out there & Win God Dammit !!!

  13. mlbangelsfan@yahoo.com

    Hi Torii Hunter ,
    Good luck !! Go for the gold like Micheal Phelps. You have to get Howie , Nap started . GO ANGELS !!!

  14. lilxfactor@hotmail.com

    It aint over till it’s over!
    Keep Breathing, keep fighting, keep the HEART!
    Take it like a brand new series and sweep the sox. Nothings impossible! One game at a time. Torii, grab our fellas together and keep this season alive for a few more weeks. Lets Go! No hype…just ball!!!!!


  15. bosoxrockx

    hey! i’m a sox fan but i want to say great game… it almost hurt to see the look on k-rods face when jd hit that homer… but anyways way to fight in that game and scare the **** out of me =)

  16. srapp002

    I just want to say how happy I am with Torii, Tex, and Vlad. They came through every time they were up to bat in Game 2. But it isn’t fair to expect them to get on base in just about every at bat like they did. Someone else needs to step it up the way that they have. Figgie did a good job bouncing back from a rough game one, now we really need Howie and Aybar to do the same and bounce back if we want to have a chance at coming back. Joe will give us a chance to win like he always does, so this is our chance at getting back into this. GO Angels!

  17. bill.001@colonelkernel.com

    Sweeps are boring. As a Red Sox fan I want my team to win, of course, but I’m willing to concede a game or two (but not three!) to get a good series. Uncertainty is a good thing. Certainty is tepid.My group my father and I share season tickets with just divied up all the possible post-season games for Fenway Park. Games three and four of the ALDS were available, but we confidently chose game three of the ALCS (the first game in Boston). Was our confidence misguided? C’mon, PLAY.I readily concede the Angels could win the next three games, giving me and my father some bittersweet bookmarks, and I happily do so. To claim that the Angels couldn’t would be to deny the magic of the 2004 ALCS.I applaud your decision to tough it out despite your injury, but I must point out to the others commenters that the umpire made the correct call on that play. As Major League crew chief, Tim McClelland, pointed out in Ask the Umpire the runner has to beat the throw to the base and the replay showed that you didn’t –

  18. rjr420jar@yahoo.com

    Alright Torii!!!!! That’s what i needed to hear!!! I was pretty bummed after game 2. I thought we had the sox right where we wanted them.then, well, we all know…..but you have given me hope!There’s no doubt that the Angels are the best team in baseball in 2008. Now go out there and prove it for all us halo fans!!!
    P.S. don’t let Tex go!!!

  19. brianc6234

    Why did the Angels have to go with Kendrick and Aybar? I think if they stuck with Sean Rodriguez and Brandon Wood for the playoffs the Angels would be leading 2-0 right now. The playoffs aren’t the time for Howie to be getting his swing going. Hopefully he’ll at least bat 9th in game three.

    The Angels will need a lot of luck to win this thing. The umps have seemed very one-sided in favor of the Red Sox too. Maybe they can start giving the Angels all the help for a change.

  20. mlbangelsfan@yahoo.com

    Torii keep fighting !!! I knew from the start of the season that you where important to the Angels. We need you to lead the team. So go out there and show the Halo fans all you got.

  21. kristinnscott@yahoo.com

    You are such an AWESOME leader in the Angels clubhouse! Please talk to Howie K. and Gary Matthews, maybe you can get through to them and tell them not to overthink their swings! Just see the ball, and hit the ball — it’s simple! Keep doing the little things and playing small ball.. we’re bound to score some runs! As you go into Fenway for Sunday’s game, remember we’re 8-1 this season against the Sox — I’m confident, Torii, that you, Garret, Tex, and Vladdy will get the hits needed Sunday to win and make this a series!
    Keep up the great patience and eye at the plate, Torii.. I will be watching! GO ANGELS!!!

  22. redsox_fan_dude

    You are a class act. You guys showed a lot of persistence out there, and I know that game 3 will be another well-fought battle.

    I was a little shocked to see how game 2 ended as well. Nobody in Boston will be taking you guys lightly and for good reason. If you end up beating the Red Sox, I will be right behind you guys for the rest of the post season!

  23. rdh1972

    Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves… win one and at least you’ve avoid the sweep and ended a nasty streak. After that, you only have to win one more to bring it back home. If you can win those two, that’s when you can start thinking about winning the series. You guys played well in game 2 and it was good to see even though the outcome is still disappointing.
    I admit I was upset with Kendrick for swinging at some terrible pitches when a walk would have scored a run, but I try to remember that knowing what’s coming is a lot harder than it looks and I certainly couldn’t do any better.

    Win or lose, it’s been a pleasure having you on the team. Now if we can just get Tex to stick around next year…

  24. rdh1972

    Oh… and when two teams like the Red Sox and the Angels meet in the postseason it really ought to go to five games. This team has the talent to make it happen and just needs a little bit more luck to get a few hits falling in. (People forget that a tiny fraction of an inch off the bat make the difference between a double or an easy out.)

  25. kendrykendrick

    Torii, to me it looked like you were out at first, but only after the replay. I don’t know how the umps can see a play like that and get the call right 99% of the time, but they usually do. And on the pickoff play at 2nd with Aybar, replays showed the umps got that call right too. Baseball is a game of inches and we were a few inches short on those two calls and on Garret’s long ball, that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Beat those Sox! I got my Angels’ shirt on today, sorry it’s not a Hunter #48, it’s Willits #77. I’d ask you to visit my blog but I don’t remember what I’ve said about you! 😉

  26. dodgerloge106

    The Angel’s fans will learn, as are the Brewer’s fans, you cannot “monkey” with the baseball gods. Thunder Sticks, waving towels (shame on Dodger Stadium), rally monkeys and clowns sliding into a mug of beer are NOT class baseball. Neither is a professional major league ballplayer jumping up and down in a temper tantrum. Hunter ought to be fined $10,000 for breaking equipment. Maybe NEXT year, Angel fans will be more courteous to those about them and to the baseball gods and leave all their crap at home and bring a good voice and manual applause to the ballpark.

  27. trisha_05@hotmail.com

    Hey Torii,
    This is your biggest Minnesota fan writing. I hope you guys can go out there and push this series to the next game and stay alive until the end! I am rooting for the Angels all the way. I have been wearing my angels jersey and visor during the games and I hope that I don’t have to put them away for a few weeks! It sucks not seeing you playing with the Twins anymore, but I am happy that you got to go to a great team. I didn’t make it out to California this last summer, but it is already in the making for next summer! I also hope to see you again at the Metrodome when the Angels play there. You had a great season, and you have been hitting very well in the playoffs thus far, so keep it up! Alright well hope to see you guys in the next series and talk to you soon! I hope you never forget your big fans in Minnesota. I am rooting for you!

  28. gloria_in_mn@yahoo.com

    Ever since the heart of our Twins team was ripped out of centerfield, (I watched the stories of his signing with the Angels thru tear~filled eyes, there wasn’t much to be thankful for that Thanksgiving) I hoped Torii’s leaving would bring him the Championship he deserved. Every time he takes the field or picks up a bat he gives it his all. No matter what it is, being the team leader, a mentor to the rookies, a cheerleader from the dugout, or just someone kids can look up to, he gives one hundred percent and then some. If Championship rings were given out to the most deserving player, the one with the most heart Torii would need a few more hands. I know one October day there will be Torii, goggles and all, holding up the World Series trophy, and I’ll be watching again with tear~filled eyes. I can’t wait to see him say “I’m going to Disney World” Go Angels!!!

  29. endersavestheday@gmail.com


    Now THERE is that summer game we were looking for. Bats getting hot, a little blip tonight but mistakes are made to learn from. Confidence level has gotta go through the roof, nothing to be scared of here.

    Sendin’ that SoCal love up to Boston for all them Angels!

  30. kristinnscott@yahoo.com

    Congrats on getting a well-deserved, hard fought “W”!! Aybar’s hit tonight was so great to see, as were Napoli’s two HRs.. get some rest, baby, and I’ll be cheering you on tomorrow night! Lackey will bring his “A” game and heat, and I have confidence that the Angels will tie this series up tomorrow.. you guys can do it!

  31. deannhollis@dslextreme.com

    I can’t wait to read the next blog. Tonight’s game is described by one word…unbelieveable. I think I said that about 20 times tonight. Napoli was awesome and that pitching staff brought the “A” game. I hope all the kinks are out. Keep the shock and awe going in Boston. The fans on tv really looked like they thought it was over. We all know you guys have the talent and you showed the heart tonight. We do believe!!! DeAnn

  32. joeminolfi@hotmail.com

    All I can say is I have a migrane headache. The error, Saunders falling apart.Garret & Gary swinging at ****** pitches !! CMON man!!
    Tori, you trying to reach second with a bad knee.”K-ROD” almost walking in the winning run. Double digits left on base again !!

    And we manged to win. It was a sloppy win but I’ll take it.

    Figgy & TEX great work at the corners!!

    Thanks for your 2 bombs Nap or we’d be packing it up.

  33. kelly@advantiwheel.com

    As a fan, not fanatic, it makes me feel good when the Angels play great. As a sportsman I understand that losing is necessary to have a winner. In this case the losing makes me sad but I’m proud to be an Angels fan. I hope all the players and fans can take with them the great memories of how well this team played. Mike Scossia is the best Manager in Baseball and will come back with a determined team next year. By following this team for a long time; I feel like I’ve made friends with many of the players. The off-season is the worst because many times your friends don’t come back. I’ll always cheer for an ex-Angel their first time at the plate when they come back. And, I’ll always root for them when watching a non-Angel game. I hope that Arte and staff can find a way to bring back most of our friends for next season. Until then…….GO ANGELS!!!!! PS; Tori Hunter has an infectious smile and personality and I’m glad he’ll be here a long time!!

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