We’re alive — and dangerous


We’re alive and kicking. That’s all we asked for, one win to keep us going. We’ve got a heartbeat, and like I said all along, as long as this team has life — as long as we’ve got innings, pitches, a pulse — we’re dangerous.

Let’s get the play that cost us three runs out of the way first. It was my fault; put it all on me. I should have gotten there, called off Howie Kendrick and caught that ball. We haven’t had a single ball fall like that, in that spot, all season — and it happens in a game we have to win. But you’ve got to move on, let it go. That’s what I told Howie between innings. It was in a tough spot. I was shading Jacoby Ellsbury toward left-center, and Howie had a long way to go. But it’s my turf out there, and I should have made the play.

It’s kind of strange, really. I didn’t make an error all season, and the other night in Anaheim in Game 2, Mark Kotsay hit a ball to me that was acting like a knuckleball, and it went off my glove. It’s crazy. But you can’t let things like that get you down. Not in this game, when you play every day. You’re tested all the time.

I love how our guys responded in this game, playing big when it counted. Our young guys have come alive. They’ve gotten over their anxieties and trying to do too much, and they’re settling in and just playing now. Erick Aybar got that big hit for the winning run. Howie got a couple of knocks and put down that bunt after Mike Napoli’s single in the 12th inning. Man, Napoli was incredible. That guy is so strong. He was swinging from the heels in the first game, but tonight he was smart, taking good swings. He’s so strong, he can hit it out without a big swing.


Reporters are asking me why I tried to stretch that single in the ninth inning. I hit it down the line, and from what I saw, it was going to take a great play to throw me out. If Jason Bay doesn’t put it where he did — if it’s a little wide either side of the bag — I’m at second with nobody out, and we’re in business. I was hustling, going for it, and a guy threw me out with a good throw. It happens.

That’s six straight games we’ve won at Fenway Park. One more and we’re going home with a chance to go to the ALCS. Hey, I’m not getting ahead of myself here. We know all about Boston, how dangerous those guys are. But we’re dangerous, too. They know that. You don’t get beat six straight times in your own house and not have some respect for that other team.

We really like playing here. The fans are great, the park is great. It’s intense, and I think we thrive on that.

I’ve got a lot of confidence in big John Lackey going against Jon Lester in Game 4. Lackey comes after you and pounds that strike zone. I love that. He keeps his guys in the game. I think we’ll have a better idea with Lester the second time around, especially the younger guys who were still new to all of this.

You learn a lot about yourself as you go through these postseason games. I love how our guys have responded. Nobody got down after losing the first two. We stayed cool, stayed supportive of each other. That’s how you win in October, by hanging together, playing hard and smart, making good things happen.

We’re alive. We’re kicking. Now we just want to keep it going and bring this series back home to our fans — and our Rally Monkey. No more talks about losing streaks, no more negativity, please. That monkey is off our backs.



  1. dhotrodb@msn.com

    Man that game had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. There were times where i just about lost my voice but like u said things happen and you guys pulled it together for the win!!! IM SOOOO HAPPY!!!! Nappi was amazing and so was everyone else to get those runners accross in the cluch. Well I cant wait for tomarrow. Ill be cheering you guys on with the rally monkey by my side like every game. Later, David Brown

  2. smokkee

    what a game!

    overcoming what happened in the 2nd inning was huge and frankie finding a way to get the bases loaded and dodge a bullet….

    Napoli and the bullpen carried the team thru this one.

    can we just get a good solid *** whompin’ in game 4 so we don’t have to sweat every pitch?

  3. davidbennett98@mac.com

    We had the privelge of meeting Torii in Baltimore this year at the hotel where the Angels were staying. The way he treated my twins left such a outstanding impression on our family because he was sincere and kind to our kids who love this game. He is a CLASS ACT and deserves nothing but the highest level of support from the Angels Fan base! A gentlemen and a wonderful spokesman not only for the Angels but all of Major League Baseball! Light up the Halo tonight and bring it back to Anaheim!! Go Angels!

  4. fairestoneofall@hotmail.com

    Thanks for one of the most exciting games that I’ve ever seen last night. What a victory. I’m so proud of my guys for dusting off their knees after two losses and coming back to win in game 3. My husband and I (& our two boys until it was bed time) watched the game on pins and needles for the entire five hours.
    I’m so excited about the win and for today’s game. I have all the confidence in Lackey….he’s solid. Let’s just bring this thing home to finish off those pesky Red Sox.

  5. nlawson

    Thanks for taking the time to blog, it has been great to get this insider look of the game. As you said, the guys have had a chance to see Lester (and recently too) so they know what to expect. I expect great things from y’all tonight!


  6. shizzle

    Go Halos!!!!!!!!! Being in Boston right now, I feel great being an Angels fan!! It’s amazing how you guys can come into Fenway and take care of business like that- even with those extra 3 red sox runs that wouldn’t have happened under usual circumstances. That really was a full team effort last night, and that’s what I love about you guys! We know the playoffs are different, and anything can happen. I fully believe you guys can take this series back to Anaheim where I wish I could cheer you on at the Big A. Now, if only I could manage to get tix to Fenway tonight… 😦 Go Angels!!!! Thanks for blogging Torii!

  7. daguimol@msn.com

    That game was beyond intense. You guys rock!!! I need to tell you that I love that you are blogging, and giving the fans your inside thoughts on the game.
    I need to tell you a funny story about how poular you are with my two kids, not to mention me and my husband. A few weeks ago our family adopted a puppy. As we sat around the family room watching an Angel Game discussing what to name the dog, Mitt? Halo? Angel? Skipper? … the list went on and on and then you came up to bat and hit a run. My kids went wild and it was decided our little puppy had a name Torii. This may sound odd, but really its the highest compliment my 7 and 8 year old could give you.
    SO have a great game tonight we will be watching and waiting for you guys to bring it home , so we can be there on Wednesday !!!!

  8. bigbluesky@yahoo.com

    After watching Hunter’s performance, I’d say he’s the most dangerous part of the Angels chance to advance.

  9. joeminolfi@hotmail.com

    Play smart !! Be patient at the plate and make Lester work .

    We’re hitting these guys but let’s work on knocking more of those base runners in. That disaster that happened in center I don’t ever wanna see that again.

    Now go out there and WIN !!!

  10. sgtcuervo

    LETS GO ANGELS!!!!!!! That game was amazing last night. You guys ignited a fire that has fuel for days! I appreciate this blog so that fans, like myself, can understand your perspective as a veteran player. It reminds me of the 02 playoffs. We had this same enthusiasm when we beat the Yankees. We took it to Minnesota (Sorry Mr Hunter) and again into the WS. Like you said lets not get ahead of ourselves, but its great to hear that the club is gunning for gold. Keep Roasting those Boston Beans!

  11. anglfan777

    Go GUYS GO!!! You can do it… Stay smart and ignore that Boston crowd. Bring it home and win it in front of YOUR fans.

    Sunday’s game was so intense I was exhausted after it was done…All the fingernails are gone…But it was great I’m so excited to have that streak gone – it’s over – and now we move on to tonight and the win and bringing it home…

    Guys we’re behind you all the way – screaming at the TV – yes we look silly but who cares – you can do this. We know you can.

  12. sbardos516@comcast.net

    In game 2, ervin santana gave up that 3 eun homer, but you guys came back, on sunday, you were down 3-1 and came back, and stayed with it into the AM to win it. Nothing that boston does can put you down, you will always come back. I love k-rod, dont get me wrong, but if he could just be a little more accurate, this wouldnt even be a contest. I want to see some regualr season k-rod. There is nothing wrong with this team, just a few minor mistakes that are overcome-able. WAIT THE PTCHERS OUT. Even though a hit is better, you can take the walk. Being on base is being on base no matter how you get there.
    100 WINS is not something that goes unrewarded, YOU CAN DO IT!
    GOOOOOOOOOOO ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. angelalala

    Torii, you’re the best. I can’t say how happy we are to have acquired a player of your talent with such class. We saw it the first game you played, when all the players were in the dug out, but you were out signing autographs for the kids until the last minute. Minnesota lost a real treasure when they lost you.

    And now young man, I have to say….stop staying up until 3am! Get to sleep; you have a big day tomorrow. Don’t make me hurt you where that horse kicked you :)~

  14. atlbobby215@yahoo.com

    Just quit making mistakes and maybe we can win. Focus people because the red sox are thinking they will end it tonight…bet that and if i see howie laughing again about his piss poor play i’m going to slap the dentures out of his big fat head. nut up kid this is not a laughing matter punk and pray lackey will pitch like the ace some people seem to think he is and not the number 4 guy on the royals that he pitches like in big games…2002 was a life time ago. so quit playing like a bunch of chumps and win a damn series! because i have been an angels fan for 49 years i’ve seen all this before give me something new please like a series win over the red sox and don’t be the holy chokers.

  15. rdh1972

    Don’t get on his case too much for staying up late! I couldn’t get to sleep because of all the adrenaline, and I only watched the game!

    Great job… one more and I’ll be seeing you on Wednesday.

  16. louisebaker52@hotmail.com

    GREAT GAME! i was so nervous, i had a stomach ache! The team looked much more relaxed last night at the plate. Let’s bring this series back to Anaheim! Get ’em on, get e’m over, get ’em home!!!

  17. wendellcastillo@yahoo.com

    The game was heart stopping, exciting, and amazing. You had us all cheering for you at home in front of the TV. Im sure you heard us from Anaheim! Cant wait to see you at the game on Wednesday! Go Angels!

  18. califangels

    Thanks Torii for sharing some insight into a couple of key, high profile plays. I would expect a guy like you, professional team player to take responsibility and not make excuses….great to see that. I am also impressed on how Saunders reacted to that play that allowed the sox to score 3 runs. Nothing but professionalism….move on to the next batter. This whole team is a class act from top to bottom. Great momentum builder for the team this win in Game 3 and how it was won….by gutting it out..team effort, overcoming some adversity and now folding it up. Big John is a Big game pitcher and nice to see Figgins setting the table…keep it going and we you in Anaheim!

  19. kendrykendrick

    How about that bullpen? 7 1/3 innings and no runs allowed. Weaver was incredible.

    Now how about we score some runs for Lackey tonight!!!

  20. metaligrlx@earthlink.net

    You guys gave me an ulcer last night!!!! What can I say, you rocked it last night in Angel fashion. All of California is shining and praying for you guys tonight. Sure wish we could be in Boston to watch it all go down in person. Silence at Fenway is music to my ears!!

    Go Halos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. xfedag@gmail.com

    What can I say? What a game. Let’s put a couple early runs on the board tonight and SHUT ‘EM DOWN for JUST ANOTHER HALO VICTORY!!! GO ANGELS!

  22. thcisbest

    WOOF! WOOF! What a game! You guys had me nervous and excited the entire game. Our pitchers were awesome, and Nap you did an outstanding job calling all the pitches for 12 innings, and 6 different pitchers…least to say, the 2 home runs over the green monster(1st one ended up in the parking lot). GOOD LUCK tonight! I’ll be watching and like always (for 20 something yrs), I’ll be routing for you!
    GO ANGELS!!!!!

  23. kristinnscott@yahoo.com

    I don’t know how you guys can top last night’s game for drama, excitement, PASSION, but I’m sure with Big John on the mound (Lackey, not the other guy) it’s gonna be a wild, close-scoring “W” tonight for the Angels! I can’t wait to see Napoli in there calling John’s pitches again tonight — he is such a strong, solid guy, an incredible hitter! GO ANGELS! Take it to Boston early and score Lackey a few runs, that way the Sox have to try and catch us the entire game.. they won’t do it! Torii, thank you for blogs.. I love getting a veteran player’s perspective, thoughts, and a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on during these playoff games!
    I’ll be watching from the comfort of my couch tonight, and I will see you Wednesday for game 5 baby! GO ANGELS!!

  24. davido46@comcast.net

    Sox fan giving T. Hunter props—
    Torii, I admire you as a player. You play the game the way it was meant to be played. When it was evident that the Sox were going to play you guys in the first round I was scared, because I knew that the Angels are a different team with you on the club this year. You have a different aura about you, and I like how you play the game. I hope to see a good one tonight, and with those two pitchers going, I’m sure nobody will be letdown.
    I gotta give you props for posting your message at 3-whatever in the morning too. Thanks for caring about the game. Good luck.

  25. tpofahl

    Torii, you are the bomb, you make me smile when you are interviewed along with your writing on your blog, you are very positive along with being comical, and that make anyone happy! Good Luck tonight, see you on WEDNESDAY at the BIG A

  26. angelsgirl012

    One of the most exciting games i’ve ever seen man!! Our whole family was going crazy and i’m sure we woke some neighbors up lol! Anyways best of luck in game 4 and you guys can take on Lester. Its possible!!! I have hope!
    Lackey is very strong and can handle that lineup. I hope the offense does a bit better and actually bring in guys that are on base. Lots of guys LOB yesterday! Oh yeah and on that bloop single.. its no biggie! just don’t do it again lol nah i love ya Torii!
    p.s. way to go Nap!

  27. halojaam

    What a game! I have such confidence that you all can go out there now and play like the regular season team that we know so well. Go Halos!

  28. gloria_in_mn@yahoo.com

    Great game last night, but here’s a plan~~~ score eight to ten runs in the first three innings. That way I can relax and just enjoy the game. A calm, stress~free game. One where I don’t have to worry about walk~offs runs, there’s no yelling at umpire, and I’m not waking the kids celebrating a run in the 12th. There it is . . . get it done!

  29. casakate@yahoo.com

    Thanks for a terrific game. I couldn’t sleep until after 2AM!! You boys are all we talked about at school today. You can DO IT!!

    Best of luck. Our prayers are with ya!!

  30. bellen203

    Torii, I’m sad tonight, but wanted you to know how thrilled we are that you’ve been part of the team this year, and want to thank you and the entire team for the season we had. I don’t want to focus on the “what if’s” and “what could have been” and “if only”. I just want to think about what an awesome season the Angels had.

    We also want Tex to know how happy we are that he’s been a part of the team….what an asset he would be, if he can stay.

    From Sara & Kjell (Two Fans in Connecticut)

  31. cpride

    Torii –
    What a clutch hit tonight. I’m beyond sad that the Angels couldn’t bring the series back to Anaheim, but thanks for almost getting us there. You brought great veteran leadership to the team. Please do whatever you can to convince Mark Teixiera to stay. Let’s build on this experience… and next year go all the way.
    Thanks for a great year!

  32. hegawn1983


    What a hit tonight to tie up the game. . . you did your usual part of coming “in the clutch!” Anyways, as disappointing as it is for us, I know it’s even worse for our team – you guys! Just wanted to let you know thanks man and like the above guy said, give Tex some insight as if he already doesn’t know that there’s more to come . . . starting tomorrow in this offseason! Spring training isn’t too far away – – – go Halo’s.


  33. celtix33@aol.com

    Sorry Boys, My Bad Boys From Boston continue to feast on you at each playoff meeting like a pile of shrimp and dispose of your shell remains into Boston Harbor. For a Team that won 100 games and couldn’t even win one at home shows that you were really not for real this season. Heck, even I thought you were going to win both in L.A. You are just like your brotheren Lakers: Just can’t close the deal when it matters. Soccia is just a frumpy sorry manager. After three losing series he should take a hint.

    So another Boston team has done you in just 4 months; and with any luck we’ll continue beating and humiliating your sorry pathetic sportstown when the Dodgers stand up and take their rightful place for the next team to be absued by a far superior sports team and sports city (with 6 championships in 7 years).

    Thanks. Peace and Love Angles Fans

    Dave Henderson
    Red Sox ’86

  34. celtix33@aol.com

    Torri- You should have come to Boston and played with a REAL pro organization that wins championships and play with your ex-twin buddy David Ortiz instead of opting for the warm weather! You could have been a BIG STAR here. Now that Manny is gone, maybe you get yourself traded to Boston!

  35. debsawhill@sbcglobal.net

    Torii,As an Angel season ticket holder and fan since 1968 we have had our ups and downs for sure.  2008 was a great season for which you had a great deal to do with.  Win or loose the Angels do it with class.  Continue to do what you do with your head high.  As an Angel fan I am committed to do the same.  Set your sights on next year.  Enjoy your time off with your family and friends.  That is what is truly important.  We all hope to see most of the team back next year. In our troubled economic times I also hope that the players put it into perspective when contracts are up and salaries are determined.  Many Americans are hurting and keeping the stands full is very important for the support that the team needs to succeed.  Empty stadiums just do not work!  Baseball is still the most affordable sports venue in America.  It brings families together to enjoy quality time which is much needed these days.  Thank you for being a part of that and we look forward to another great year in 2009!           GO ANGELS!       We love you Torii!!!

    PS Thank you for being so great signing autographs. My grandson loves seeing you. He is 5 years old.

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