And the winner is . . . Toriis Storiis

Man, you took me seriously when I asked you to get creative with some ideas for giving the blog a new title. There are far too many great suggestions to include here — it would take up the whole blog — but I really want to commend you.

Afte sorting through the long and impressive list with my wife, Katrina, we settled on “Torii’s Storiis” from Scooter. Katrina  told me she really liked it, how catchy it is, and I’m smart enough to agree with my wife. Truth is, I like it too.

So there it is: Torii’s Storiis.

Today I’d like to talk about the World Baseball Classic. It’s a great event, and I’m definitely for it. I think it’s awesome, what it has done for our game. You’d never think Netherlands would beat the Dominican Republic — and it happened twice. Baseball is international now. It’s America’s pastime, but the whole world is playing it now.

I made a comment about the Classic in 2006 when it got started. I said I wouldn’t play if they asked me, because I liked the chemistry with my team, the Twins, and I didn’t want to do anything to mess with it. I’m not old, but I’m old-school, and I knew it would be hard on my front office and manager knowing how I play and worrying about me crashing into a wall, getting hurt, missing some time. I can onlly play one way, and I knew that I’d be diving for balls, going all-out.

I wasn’t asked to play on Team USA this time, and I think those comments I made might have had something to do with it. I have the same mindset I’ve always had, If they had asked me to play, I’d have thought long and hard about it. It would be a great honor to play for my country and to be part of that whole experience.

On the other hand, I’m not sure our owner, Arte Moreno, or our manager, Mike Scioscia, would have been too crazy about it. I wouldn’t want that panic about me running into a wall and getting hurt. I just wish they could play the Classic at another time, so it doesn’t disrupt the chemistry you’re building with your team for the season ahead.

I’ve been watching as much of the Classic as I can, and I love what I’ve seen. Japan is impressive, man. I’ve liked the way those guys play since 2002 when I went over after the season for a series of games with an all-star team. They play the game right. They’re fundamentally sound, play good defense, and they’ve got athletes, Pitching and defense — that wins games. Everybody hits line drives, lots of doubles, running the bases hard. They play the game we do with the Angels.

As much as I’d love to be in the Classic, I need to be here with my team, doing everything we can to win a World Series. It’s all about the World Series, and that’s how it should be. From the day you sign, it’s not about MVPs and Gold Gloves, individual stuff. It’s about winning the World Series.

Camaraderie, chemistry, leadership . . . all those things are so important to developing a winning atmosphere. I love what we have going here with the Angels. I can’t wait to get the season started.



  1. jokerbasher

    I agree with you Torii, crashing into a wall at home is so much sweeter. Plus much softer. See you opening day!

  2. carmine

    Thank you for understanding who you are and protecting yourself for the season. We can see that you do play hard and WE LOVE IT!! I do hope that the season is GREAT!!
    Good Luck and we will all be there supporting you and the team.

  3. gscott1

    WOW! VERY ORIGINAL!!! You know Joe Torre had a series of blogs and such last season called Torre’s Stories right…

    Way to go.

  4. scooter243

    I love it!!! Thanks Torii for picking mine. I read the blog the night before and was laying in bed not able to sleep and Torii’s Storiis just hit me. Can I get an autographed bat or ball for winning? Please?
    And about the WBC….I went to all the games here in SD, and boy was it empty!!! I would love to be able to pick the team, but I know players have different reasons for not playing, which I understand. I would have loved to see you out there Torii. I think the team USA had was good, but the pitching wasnt there.
    Good Luck this season Torii, stay healthy and have fun.


    My buddy and I have been going to spring training for the past 15 years to root on the Halos. I just got back from my annual trip and told my wife the story of me getting to meet you in Scottsdale on Sunday night. Even though we’ve been married for 10 years, she has accused me of having a”man crush” on you. I just think you are the coolest cat on the Angels and a hell of a player. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me the other night. Good luck on the upcoming season.



    You really do know what’s best for you Torii! Very smart move on listening to the wifey! 🙂 And YES! It is all about the World Series!! I mean, where would we be without The World Series?? This is our year for the World Series Torii!! Let’s make it happen!! GO ANGELS!!! Thanks for always making us laugh.

    -Irma Martinez

  7. hegawn1983

    Torii’s Storii’s – – Torii – – – you kind of like it, awwww yea!!!!!! Hittin 5th tonight against the Dodgers, let’s get there . . . ok, i can relax now, haha!!!!!

    – Adam S. (Brea)

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