Too much CC, simple as that


We had a bad night. Some crazy things happened, and CC Sabathia was on his game, and we got our butts beat. That’s all there is to it.

I don’t want to hear about the cold weather. That had nothing to do with it. It wasn’t that cold. When you get that adrenaline flowing, the cold weather is not a factor. In April, it’s a different kind of cold. This is the playoffs. I don’t believe in cold weather in the playoffs. This was fun.

We made some plays that were out of character. We play the game right. That’s not us, but it happens in this game.

We had a miscommunication on the popup that fell at the feet of two great defensive players, Erick Aybar and Chone Figgins. I had a ball hit something and jump me when I was charging Derek Jeter’s single in the sixth inning. Things happen, you go home, think about what you need to do, and come back with a good attitude.


What we need to do now is get Game 2 and go home 1-1. That’s what our mind-set is now. There’s nothing we can do about this one. It’s over. I’ve always said you’ve got to have amnesia in this game. I’ve been saying that my whole career. Let it go, move on, make adjustments and get after it next game.

CC was good, man. That’s why he makes all that money. He’s one of the best in the game, and he was dealing tonight. He was ahead of everybody. He had his offspeed working, his fastball working, everything.

We got four hits in eight innings, so that’s pretty much the story there. He was coming after us and throwing strikes.

I tried to put a bunt down in the sixth to get something started, and CC showed his athletic ability, his basketball skills, to make the play he did. As for whether I was safe or out, it doesn’t matter what I saw. The umpire called me out, so I’m out. I can sit here and cry all I want, and I’m still out.

The Yankees played good, aggressive baseball. I’ve been saying that all season. They go first to third, make things happen. They’re not just all about power. They play the game hard, and they play it right. They’re a good team, but so are we.

This is a seven-game series. This is just one game. I think we’re going to come back. Get Game 2, and everything changes.

Our manager, Mike Scioscia, is so positive. He knows it was out of character, the way we played tonight. He talked to guys, told us we’ll come back. That’s what I like about him. I love him, actually.



  1. angelsgirl012

    Mr Hunter,
    This angels team that i saw tonight was not the angels team that swept Boston in the ALDS. Y’all were sloppy man not to mention got totally shut down by CC. Its okay though there are plenty of games left to dominate. Yankees are a strong team and you have to be at the top of your game and not make mistakes. I have faith in this team and just know that angel fans are going to be with ya ALL THE WAY! Split it and come back to SoCal where the weather (although you said it doesn’t matter) is perfect for baseball.
    Best of luck mr hunter


    Thanks for writing this blog. It’s great to hear a player’s perspective on the games. Hey, just wanted to let you know you’ve got at least one true Angels fan in the midst of the Bronx! Goooooooo Angels!

  3. carmine

    You are right, turn the page, leave that game behind and move forward. Move forward with focus and passion. Play ‘THE ANGEL WAY” with heart and hard play. There are enough games to make this one up. Now you know what you have done and what you need to do. All of the Angel fans will be waiting out here to support the team. This is your time to play the game we have watched you play all season. It’s not easy by all means, but give it your all. I do believe….I do believe….GOOD LUCK!! GO ANGELS!!!

  4. bastinhtr

    No worries, I have faith that this great Angels team will come back. Just play like you always do. GO ANGELS AND LIGHT UP THAT HALO!

    (ps..we all know you were safe at 1st)


    Mr. Hunter,

    I want to applaud your attitude about that play at first. Yes, it looked like you were safe, but you were called out. We teach our kids to accept calls they don’t agree with and move on…to deal with it, and it’s nice to see that modeled by you. Too many guys in the major leagues would have whined, complained, and pouted about that call. I really I appreciate your sportsmanship and playing the game in a way that commands respect!

  6. halo1love

    Hey Torii! I have NO DOUBT in my mind that the Angels will take today’s game. The Angel fans have so much faith in this team it’s incredible. I’d with you luck tonight but you don’t need it, just do what you do and kick some Yankee ***! See you at home for game 3! 🙂

  7. tinkrbls

    I didn’t see Angels playing! I don’t know who they were, but I hope you guys left that behind you and moved on. I have aaaaaaalot of faith in you guys and I know you will win game 2. Again I’m not seeing it in game 2 right now. You guys have come back and win many times. Good Luck!!!!! GO ANGELS!!!!

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