Heaven — and Game 6 — can wait


We figured all day there was going to be a rainout. Trust me, we hate there’s a rainout. We want to keep playing. You hate to lose your rhythm. It’s kind of good right now.

But there are some good things about this. We’ve got John Lackey available for a Game 7 on three days’ rest if we get by Game 6. I’m pretty sure that bulldog will want to be out there. You know John, how he loves to compete and hates to come out of games.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be sunny. I’ve got a chance to go out and work on my sun tan in New York. Just kidding. I’m looking forward to another historic baseball game for me. These games are a lot of fun — the past, and in the future.


We’ll start Game 6 tomorrow, go on to Game 7 on Monday. We just want to play. I didn’t pack for an extra day, so I’ll have to go buy a shirt tomorrow.

Seriously, all you can do is keep working on your swing, keep your rhythm going, come back tomorrow and play with everything you’ve got. This team of ours is very adaptable. We’ve got a lot of athletes, and you want athletes to be running around on a nice surface, not all sloppy. So from that perspective, it’s a good thing we’re not playing tonight.

I like our guy Joe Saunders, being from the East Coast. He loves cold weather. He’s not like some of the guys from warmer climates. Joe is cool. He’ll be ready to go. And we’ll have all our other arms ready to deal behind him. You bring everything you’ve got to a game like this.

It’s exciting — very exciting. The Yankees and Angels, playing for the World Series in the Big Apple. I can’t wait.


  1. chiefbearcard

    Hey Torii – Great writing! Y’all have got my confidence on your side, especially, since I watched many of your current players wander through Hammons Field with the Travs. You’ve also got one proud Angel watching over you! I have to admit, though, that when you reach the Phillies, then, I might struggle with “a” team so I’ll have to just watch for great games.

  2. angelsgirl012

    Mr Hunter,
    Game 6!!! ALRIGHT I’M SO PROUD OF THE TEAM ALREADY! I know this team has what it takes to beat those tough Yanks! Us fans have a lot of faith Mr Hunter even though its going to be hard we believe in you guys. Although it sucks that its a rainout (man i was bummed wanted to watch the game lol) i hope you and Co. get a nice rest and beat butt tomorrow night! I don’t know if you know (you probably do) but everyone’s on the Yankees’ side sir. Its Yankees v Phillies WS talk already! Prove em wrong, Angels have heart and a good lineup 😛

    go get em 😉

  3. rallymonkey5@comcast.net

    If I could script it, I’d want it to go this way:

    Angels win game 6 any way they can. Game 7 is a tight pitcher’s duel between Lackey and Sabathia, but the Angels scratch their way to a 2 run lead. An Aybar 2 out single and a homer by Vlad. Then in the bottom 9th, Fuentes gets two out but in the midst Jeter and Teixiera reach base. This time you can’t walk A-Rod. Fuentes falls behind and has to challenge him. Flyball hit high and deep to center, about 1-2 feet above the wall.

    Everybody is waiting to see if Torii can catch it. The world series depends on it. He leaps, and he’s got it.

    But any way you guys can win it is fine with me. See you in Philadelphia.

  4. mayraluvstony@yahoo.com

    Hola Torii, first of all wanted to congratulate you for Wednesday’s game. you did an awesome, incredible job. I was sooo exited for you (2hits, 2runs, 2rbi, 2walks) That was the best game ever, I almost had a heart attack. I FEEL WE CAN WIN! I KNOW WE CAN, cause with Spiderman and Bam Bam anything can happen. lets go and take the third bite out of the big apple. THANKS sooo much for taking the time to write, I was waiting all day to hear from you. k well wish u and the team the best of luck. God Bless You. !!!LETS GO ANGELS!!!

  5. hurrayforangels

    Torii – I think you guys need to BE the Rally Monkey. Just keep it going all tomorrow. (Well, as I write this, this IS “tomorrow”) Do whatever it takes to get the adrenaline pumping. Don’t get psyched out for no reason – you guys are CLEARLY the better team. Go out, play your game, and Monday, play it again. Then, next game, and so on and so forth. Tell Juan and Maicer to relax – they are awesome players and we love them!

  6. groupeone

    Torii, here’s one to share with the team before today’s game: The Los Angeles Times reported today that on the New York Yankees’ Web site, that they are already selling merchandise and apparel congratulating the Yankees on winning the 2009 ALCS:


    This is disgraceful, and not a little infuriating. I can’t bear to even listen to Joe Buck, Tim McCarver and Ken Rosenthal blather on about the Yankees. It’s as if the fix is in, that the umpires have already received their instructions, and that the east coast media and powers that be on Wall $treet expect that their beloved Yankees will simply stomp on the miserable imposters from the west cost.


    I hope this is all the ammo you need to win today and in game 7. I believe in you! Stick it to ’em, Torii, and send the Hollywood glitterati back to crying in their Crystal champagne!

  7. carlinho

    The universe is back to normal!!!! The past is in the past!!!! As I told you guys before, this year was going to be special….even though we have not won the world series…but the YANKEES WON!!!!!! This was the expected result: the team with the best record this year won……so now I can assure all you fallen angels that the universe is back to normal: yankees are back into the world series, C.C and ARod ended their postseason slump, we kicked angels’s and red sox’s ***** (specially Beckett’s). And if we win the world series we will be again the team of the decade: 4 ALCS Championships and possibly 2 WS titles. And let me remaind you guys that we were also the team of the century and so far it seems that we will be again. So good luck to you for the next decade and please next time do not underestimate the mighty YANKEES!!!!!!

  8. surfangel


    Who underestimated the mighty Yankees? I can promise you Hunter didn’t, and neither did the Angels. They knew they were up against a good team in New York. Also, don’t be runnin’ your mouth like you did anything….you kicked nothing. You don’t even play for the Yankees. So do yourself a favor and stop talking smack on Torii’s blog. The guy is the definition of a class act and a great ball player.

    Torii, great season, man. In the end, it just didn’t come together. But I hope it was a fun ride for you guys. I sure enjoyed watching you all play this year. Good luck in the offseason; I’ll be waiting for spring!

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