Win a Game Used Autographed Bat

Hey everyone! I am going to try something different in an effort to raise money for the Torii Hunter Project. I am going to do a series of raffles this season on my website and all the proceeds will go towards helping kids in need via the Torii Hunter Project. I am going to start with a game used autographed bat and if all goes well and we raise some good money I will do something bigger and better each month. 

Let me know what you want to see raffled off in the coming months. 
All the details can be found on my website at



    I must say, I’m really going to enjoy following this. I’m a huge fan of yours as well as the Angels, but me being from and living in Denmark (Europe), makes it hard to follow the games and compete in the raffle. So with that said, **** luck with the competion by raising the money as well as winning the goodies!
    (There is also no such thing as baseball in Denmark, which really sucks, so we play fastpitch softball – even the guys.)

    Kind regards, Chris #42 the young softballer!

  2. mauerfan

    Hey Torii, you rock! Minnesota Twins fans still adore you. I hope you notice that whenever you return to Minnesota we cheer loudly whenever you are announced. We LOVE you! I will happily support your cause.

  3. phantomtwinsfan

    Ah… trying to make good by giving away stuff. Nice try, no one still cares. I wouldn’t take one of your autographs if you paid me to take it.

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