Dying to get back to work

ANAHEIM – I got my work in today, sitting out the final game of my suspension, and afterward at my locker I was telling the writers that I was serving out my sentence and had 24 hours to go before my release. I told them the first thing I was going to do was call my wife, then get a hamburger. They thought it was pretty funny.

The truth is, it’s been no fun at all sitting around watching my teammates bust their tails on TV, not being able to do anything. I’m a player, and not playing hurts as much as any injury. I never got used to it last year when I injured my groin running into walls and had to miss a chunk of the season. I’ll never get used to not playing until I’m retired, and that’s a long way off, I hope.

I told the media it’s probably a little blessing in disguise, giving me a little break, but I don’t ever like watching my team play knowing I could be doing something to help us win. I hate what happened in Detroit, the whole incident. I’m still frustrated, upset about that. I was heated, and I don’t like to be like that. But I have to let it go and move forward now, try not to think about it.

I’ve been asked a lot about making the move to right field to make room for young Peter Bourjos coming up to play center. The truth is, they didn’t come to me and say, “You’ve got to go to right field.’ They told me it was up to me. I had to think about it. I decided that if it made the team better, I was all for it. I had to think about the big picture, the long haul, and this could prolong my career, keep me on the field more. And that’s a good thing for everybody, I feel.

Bourjos is straight speed. That young man can fly. Watching him on the road trip run down some balls, even go after ones he didn’t get to, I was like, “Wow. That’s impressive.” As we play together more, I’ll know his range, what he can get to, and let him have it.

Right field is not center field. Center field is fun; you’ve got a lot of power out there. It’s a power trip, really. You can call off infielders, the left fielder, the right fielder. Anything you can get to, it’s yours. It’s not easy to give up something you love, whatever it is, and this isn’t easy for me. But if it makes the Angels better and helps us win, I’m all for it.

I’ve won nine Rawlings Gold Gloves and a Silver Slugger, but I’ve never won a World Series championship ring. That’s what we’re all playing for, and I’ll do whatever I can to help move us in that direction.

The toughest part of playing right field so far has been playing the corner. It’s a totally different look in right, with a lot of top-spin on the ball, hook and spin. When the ball’s hopping around in that corner, you’re thinking, “What are you going to give up, a double or a triple?” It’s something new for me to learn, and that’s a good thing. A guy told me a long time ago that once you think you’ve got it all figured out, your career’s over. I’ve got more to learn, so I’ve got some time left.

Mike Scioscia came over after the media guys left, and we talked for a while. He played against the guy who made me want to be a baseball player, Andre Dawson, and we talked about how he made the transition from center to right and actually became a more productive hitter. It was easier on his legs, and as a hitter, everything starts there. I see that as a good sign. I think I’m getting better all the time as a hitter, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes me – and our team.

There’s a lot of season left, and I’m ready to get back out there and bang some balls around and have some fun.



  1. angelsgirl012

    I understood your frustrations and your passion as well. The Angels are playing well at the moment so hopefully you come back and help them do even better :). It’s important to finish strong in my opinion regardless of the standings. Though things aren’t looking that great I thank you for your diligence and faith!

    Peter Bourjos is a thrill to watch! That speed is incredible I definitely agree 🙂 To move from center like that takes great humility and you easily could have made it about you instead you gave a rookie a chance. So thank you for that!

    Best of luck the rest of the season! GO ANGELS! 🙂


  2. kpeterson32@gmail.com

    We’ve missed you, Torii!

    I’m sorry about what happened in Detroit. But, maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

    Good luck in right field. I hope it works out for the best!

  3. lakerfun2000@aol.com

    Torri, We love you I don’t care where you are playing, it’s just important to us that you are out there on the field, we know you may have some adjustments but you will get the job done, it’s only in your nature. You are a true Angel and we are all behind you 1000%.

  4. pamelapas@comcast.net

    Hi Torii,
    You have such a great attitude and that attitude is a wonderful example for all walks of life. Torii, use what ever God given gifts you have to reap the harvest. Rev.14:15 says: Then another angel cried out in a loud voice to the one who was sitting on the cloud, “Use your sickle and reap the harvest, because the time has come; the earth is ripe for the harvest.”

  5. cdtnn

    Torii!! We miss you up here in Minny! I’m a huge baseball fan and ever since I can remember you’ve been my fav player. I’m 16 y/o so I got to watch you a ton when you were with the Twins! You’ve been very impressive w/ LAA. Keep it up!

  6. uwfootball1

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  7. blithescribe

    Torii, you’re a class act and true team player! I love watching you play because, in addition to being amazing, it’s obvious how much you love the game. I am sure you will make right field as much your own as center field was and I look forward to watching more gold glove caliber plays in this latest evolution of the Angels outfield. Go Angels!

  8. sonny333

    Hey, Torri its great to see your doing well here in LA just like i knew u would..Ur the player i always imagined u would be..I dont go to any Angels games because im a Dodger fan but of course bro Your my favorite player..Hall of Fame bound I know ur family is proud of u, i am..! i jus wish i was there playn beside u making it happen, but that wasnt the lords will for me…Im not mad tho, im living my life doing me its jus wonderfull to kno sum i knew is winning in this world..! Your a true hero in my book u always have been since the day we met in Rookie ball,,ur a positive story an an inspiration to all..Only great things come from my mouth about u..( i still believe u could have been a better hitter) non the less ur the greatest….and if u get a chance to read this tell the famoly i says hello and there in my prayes…ur lost but not forgotten ol pal….Leon Weathersby…..

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