Chills and fever

That pretty much describes what I was feeling this afternoon. I was having lunch, and all of a sudden I got light-headed and felt sick to my stomach. I was sweating, feeling like I was going to pass out.

I’m still not sure what it is — maybe a virus of some kind, maybe food poisoning from something I ate the night before. I know I was dehydrated, and that’s never a good thing.

I’m going to be the designated hitter tonight. We’ve got a lot of good outfielders on this team, and Gary Matthews Jr. is one of the best center fielders. I’m drinking a lot of water, trying to get better. This is just weird, man, having something like that just hit you out of the blue.

We’re going through some rough times right now, and I neeed to be there for my team. You’re not always going to be 100 percent. Over the long season, there are going to be nights when you’re not feeling good, not feeling strong, but you gut it out and do the best you can. I’ve always had that football mentality, going back to high school. I love to compete. When those lights come on . . .  it’s like Friday Night Lights. You feel like going out there and competing, making something happen.

I’m sure a lot of fans are worried about us, how we’ve been playing, how we’ve been trying to cope with the loss of Nick Adenhart. All I can ask is that everybody has some patience and understanding. Sure, we’re professionals, well-paid professionals, but we’re also human beings — and this hit everybody in this clubhouse like a thunderbolt. Until you’ve gone through something like that, I don’t see how you can understand what it’s like.

There have been moments since it happened that you feel like you’re in a dream state. Everything just feels unreal. It’s a terrible tragedy for Nick’s family, to lose someone like that, so young and talented, such a great kid. How can it not hit his teammates like a ton of bricks?

We just have to go through it, take it day by day. Time does heal. We’ll get better. We’ll get back to being what we are: a championship-caliber team loaded with high-character guys. We’re good. We’ll show it. Please, just try to be patient and give us some time to get through this.  


  1. scooter243

    Hope you get better Torii. I don’t think many people are worried about the team right now, and I think everyone understands. Keep playing hard and everything will fall into place. Good luck and get better.


  2. 1spideyfan

    Get better Torii – watching the game right now and wondered why you were DH…sorry to hear you are not feeling well, but that homerun you just hit must have helped a little! 😉

    Take care Torii – all of the true Angel fans are here with you all every step of the way!


  3. csquared88

    Torii, hope you feel better. I’m a Red Sox fan, but I’ve got the utmost respect for you and the Angels organization. I look forward to watching the Angels play the Sox again, and I’m hoping another incident between Beckett and Abreu doesn’t happen the second time around.

    It’s great you have your own page on this website. A lot of players either don’t like to blog or have too much going on to be able to do it on a regular basis. And there are also those who struggle with the English language. I have a lot of respect for players who blog online regularly though because it shows how much they care about their fans, and it allows their fans to get to know them a little bit better. You’re the man, Torii. It’s too bad all baseball players aren’t like you.

  4. angelsgirl012

    I hope you feel a lot better Mr. Hunter, I know its been rough for the organization and its been rough on everyone. I have been fortunate enough to not lose anyone in my family (with the exception of my grandmother but i was so young at the time that i didn’t even know what was going on). However I do know that its hard to get over i agree, i may not be in the same shoes as those who knew him the most (aka players, front office etc) but I completely understand. I think of Nick from time to time, kind of hard to let those kind of tragedies go.

    I’m sticking with the team through the good the bad and the ugly. Looks like we’re starting with the ugly.. alright with me as long as we end up on the good months from now. Like you said, we all have to hang in there and show support!

    best of luck this season, I have always loved you and admired you as a player (even back when you were a Twin). much love

  5. sav4ge

    Im with you guys. I know your a high caliber team and I, being a true fan, will be with you guys no matter what. RIP NA

  6. tarryhawk

    Not feeling well and going 2-5 with a HR. What kind of night would you have had if you were feeling well haha. Way to battle Torii. You’ve had a good season thus far. I’ve been an Angels fan since 1982 and I can’t remember ever seeing this many injuries at one time. Lackey, Santana, Escobar, Mosley, Oliver, Vladdy, and plus the loss of Adenhart added to it. To be 6-9 at this point is quite the accomplishment considering. This team has a lot of heart. I feel sorry for the rest of the league when we get healthy. True Angel fans don’t go on the DL Torii, we’ll battle through this with ya.


    I’m sorry you were feeling lousy but you sure didn’t let us down last night! Great game!

    Some of my Dodger-fan co-workers keep mocking me with, “How’s your team doing?” I just smile and tell them to wait. The season is young and once you guys get through these injuries and grief and everything else, you’ll be on fire. Don’t worry about what your fans think. The ones that matter are right there with you.


    Hope you are feeling better Torii! The team will be fine once our three starting pitchers return from the D.L. and Vlad returns. Plenty of time…..

  9. anglfan777


    I hope you’re feeling better soon. Congratulations on RBI #800 great way to get it also with a HR.

    We, the fans, know everything will be ok. It’s early and while we want to see wins, starting a season out the was you guys have would be rough on any team. Even though we think about Nick all the time (well at least I do) we don’t walk into work everyday and see his locker or sit in the dugout and see his jersey or just be playing and remember when….

    We’re behind you guys all the way though. Whether it’s cheering from our seats in the stadium or cheering from our seat at home. This is our slump – every team has them – ours will be over soon and the team will be where they want to be.

    Keep up the great work Torii – I know you’re a great leader in the clubhouse and lots of guys look up to you. Just make sure you have someone to talk things out with too.

    Tell the guys were still here – we’re pulling for them with every swing of the bat, every pitch and every play.
    Keep going guys – we believe in you.


    Thank you so much for taking the time to write on your blog. True Angel fans want to know more about our team than what we see on TV or read in the paper. Your insight on the team and what they are dealing with should help all of us fans understand your struggles. Thank you for sharing. I care so much about every one of the Angels players and coaches that I call them my brothers. Get well soon, hermano.

  11. Powerbait

    Torii , great AB last night in the 5th , way to fight thru it and knock it out. Gotta go its almost gametime.

  12. shizzle

    Torii, thanks for blogging. We fans are 100% behind you and the rest of the team. We know what an amazing group of guys we have, and we love each one of you. Yeah, we’ve had a rough start, but the true fans will stick it through 🙂

    If nothing else, I’m blaming the bad start on the Curse of Teixeira 😉

    Take care, stay healthy! You’re like our hype guy out there, you’re our emotional leader! Sending you love & good vibes all the way from Boston

  13. katmford

    Torii, keep your head up and I hope you feel better. You are doing a great job trying to help lead this team through this hard time. We’ll always be here for our Angles.

    Love to Nick always,




    i believe in this team more than anything to make the greatest comeback. it doesn’t matter about the slow start all that matters who’s in the world series at the end!!!



    All your fans are behind you always. After what happened, I’m amazed you guys can play at all. I lost my dad suddenly and tragically and it was several weeks before I could get back to work. I can’t imagine only having 1 day. In addition, I couldn’t begin to start any sort of healing process until after the trial because it just didn’t make any sense. You all have a long road ahead of you because nothing about what happened to Nick made any sense. Hopefully you find some comfort into stepping out on the field and hearing all of us cheering our hearts out for you and the rest of the team. We’re there for you always. I love the Angels organization and the Angel family. You guys are the best! Hope you’re feeling better.


    Torii, what a great game you all played today…sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. I guess I can forgive you for not coming back to sign my little boys baseball 🙂 We’ll see you soon….continue to have great games like you did today. Take care


    Yeah I agree that you still played great even though you weren’t feeling well that night! You always seem to battle through things and be there for the team at all times unless you are ordered by a doctor or something to do otherwise. Even though the Angels have gotten off to a rocky start I know that you will be definite contenders in the end. The pitchers will hopefully be healthy, and that can really make a difference for a ball club. I have had some people really close to me pass away and even though they passed away over a year ago it just feels surreal sometimes and it doesn’t hit me until a family gathering or something. That feeling may never go away for me. You guys will make it through as a team and play as hard as you can to bring home a championship for Nick. Enjoy the night off and I hope you can start another hitting streak!

    Trisha, MN

  18. carmine

    We do often forget that all ball players are just human. You do have your ups and downs. When we witness you talent and your ability to be above avergage, we quickly forget that you do get sick and that you do have feelings. GET BETTER TORII. I hope that you are back on your feet soon and get back to playing. You are a special force to this Angels team. I can only image how your team members feel when you are not at your best. My prayers are always with you to be healthy and to KICK ***!!


    hey torii hope you are feeling better!!! Go out there and do your best thats all we can ask for!!!! Angels all the way!!!!!! Angels till I die!!!

  20. MLBallhawk

    Hey Torii just wanted to post something about what I am doing with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to raise money and awareness to help them STOP DRUNK DRIVING!!

    Veteran “Ballhawk” John Witt has caught 4,885 baseballs at professional baseball games over the past 32 seasons. 3,763 of those are MLB baseballs (99 game HRs) & 1,122 MiLB baseballs.
    On April 9, 2009 Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart and friends Courtney Stewart and Henry Pearson were killed by a drunk driver. Their friend Jon Wilhite was the only one to survive the crash and remains in the hospital. As a lifelong baseball fan who lost a friend as a kid to a drunk driver I felt that I had to do something. This season I will be catching “Baseballs 4 MADD” to help them raise awareness and money to continue their efforts to STOP DRUNK DRIVING!! You can help too by making a pledge for each baseball that I catch at Major League and Minor League games during the 2009 baseball season by going to




    One difference I’ve noticed about Angels fans in my 30 years as an Angels fans, is that they (we), are different than say, Yankee/Red Sox fans.

    Those fans tend to take a more entitlement attitude….that they deserve to have their teams win always -and when they don’t – slump – have an off season – etc..they act like spoiled children not getting the toy they feel they deserve.
    Whereas, Angels fan, take a more parental approach toward the Angels – love them unconditionally, and only get upset at them if we don’t see effort…

    Angels fans (most at least), know the team is injured, and fighting out there…which is all we ask.

    When the pitching gets healthy, and Vlad comes back….I see a really nice run being made mid-summer – until then I have no doubt you’ll stay in the pack – posed for a run….and I don’t think Angels fans are worried – this line-up can score runs, and we know it. This pitching staff, when healthy, can dominate, and we know it.

    They say baseball imitates life. I believe it certainly does…

  22. ocsprtgeek


    First, let me say I hope you feel better soon. Secondly, let me say that I’m sure you guys are just as frustrated with things as some fans are, but we’re not leaving you guys. We know you’ll pull through and emerge stronger because of what you went through. Nothing but love for everyone in an Angels Jersey.

    Lastly, let me just say thanks, from a personal note. Last sunday at Little League day at the Big A, you and Hud and Speier were GREAT. My son shook your hand, so did I , and I have to say thanks. That whole thing was very special, and you were a great role model for everyone there. The kids on my North Sunrise Little League Team (and all the others in attendance) will never forget it – – neither willl I. Thanks to you and the HAlos for that special day.

    Scott Fowler

  23. irishsoxkid19

    I watched you when you played for the New Britain Rock Cats all those years ago. You are a great player and a greater person. What happened to Nick was a tragedy that NO ONE should ever have to go through. Tomorrow in West Hartford CT, I am going to be working at the MADD walk. I hope to see some people wearing shirts for their loved ones who died like Nick. I hope, I really do, to see a Nick Adenhart jersey or shirt on someone. That will make my day.

    Good luck the rest of the season.

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