Hangin with Mr. Hunter

Hey everyone, check out the Season Debut of Hangin with Mr. Hunter that aired
last week with Red Sox 1B David Ortiz”

in to Angels Pre and Post Game Shows on Fox Sports West to check it out all
season long!


Torii!!! So why weren’t you in contention when they were looking for a replacement for Jay Leno?? Love the video! Please tell me you let Mr. Ortiz rub your head for luck! This non-Red Sox fan is pulling for Big Papi!

Mr Hunter,
i LOVE the “Hangin with Hunter” episodes! Its so great to see you having fun all the time. I think its great that you have such wonderful relationships with a lot of players and people in general.

best of luck this season!!

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You are so funny. Glad they are giving us a chance to see you “hanging” with your buddies. You have the best laugh! We sure do miss you in MN though…

I forgot what great talent the 2002 Twins had: Hunter and Radke at high levels, Santana and Ortiz good but not quite there yet. The Bizarro Yankees.


come back to minnesota!

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