1. luckylori

    Torii!!! So why weren’t you in contention when they were looking for a replacement for Jay Leno?? Love the video! Please tell me you let Mr. Ortiz rub your head for luck! This non-Red Sox fan is pulling for Big Papi!

  2. angelsgirl012

    Mr Hunter,
    i LOVE the “Hangin with Hunter” episodes! Its so great to see you having fun all the time. I think its great that you have such wonderful relationships with a lot of players and people in general.

    best of luck this season!!

  3. shmokie

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  4. lan.freitag@gmail.com

    You are so funny. Glad they are giving us a chance to see you “hanging” with your buddies. You have the best laugh! We sure do miss you in MN though…

  5. chenlizhenca@yahoo.com

    I forgot what great talent the 2002 Twins had: Hunter and Radke at high levels, Santana and Ortiz good but not quite there yet. The Bizarro Yankees.

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