Let’s take it back to New York


Too much CC Sabathia. That was the story again. The big man showed why he’s one of the highest-paid and best athletes in our game. He pitched his butt off for the second time against us, and it’s obvious what we have to do now.

We have to win Game 5, after we take tomorrow off, and take it back to New York. That’s our whole focus now: Take it back to New York.

The Yankees are a good team, and they’re up 3-1. It seems impossible, I know, but it’s not. We’ve won three in a row before. I’ve got faith in my guys. We’re going to come out in this next one and battle like we always do.

This one tonight just got away from us. CC was dealing, right from the start. He changed his pattern on us. His fastball’s still 94, 95 on the gun, but it was his changeup that was keeping us off balance. He had it sinking in and out of the strike zone, fading away from righties, out of the strike zone.


Sometimes you have to tip your hat, and that was the case tonight. He was coming after us with the first pitch in the strike zone. Now what are you going to do? Battle.

Alex Rodriguez is having a great series. He’s shorter with his swing, a lot more patient. He definitely wants it. You can tell. That guy’s a bad man, like Muhammad Ali used to say. I wish he was on my team.

We’ve got our big man, John Lackey, going in Game 5. John’s a bulldog. I’m excited to have John on the mound. He always battles, always keeps us in the game and gives us a chance.

We joke about the Rally Monkey all the time, but it’s on us. We’ve got to have faith in ourselves and each other and know we can get it done.

The media is asking me what I’ll say to the guys, but I’d never tell. I’m old school. I talk to my guys every chance I get. I’ll encourage them, and they’ll encourage me, too. I need it, too. That’s what a team is all about.

We’ve come a long way, and we don’t want to stop now. Our mission now is to take it back to New York. Take it back to New York and see what we can do.


  1. aziggy18@hotmail.com

    hey torri i saw u at the shell station near angel stadium and i was the one that closed your gassket for you. i was so mad i didnt know it was you.
    well i hope we can pull through and win it all

  2. angelsgirl012

    Dear Mr Hunter,
    Now that…. was a massive beat down. 10 to 1 is never a pretty loss especially during the postseason. Down 3-1 is not a very good feeling either! I know the team is battling out there but the offense needs to come out man! Play some angels baseball while you’re at it. The Yankees were takin batting practice out there tonight! Its a tough loss to swallow and I admit its hard to stay positive after this but like you said Lackey’s goin tomorrow and you just never know. Tell the crew that the fans are still gonna be with em no matter what! Play your game! This angels team swept the Yankees @ the Big A in the regular season! Come on now y’all have come too far to lose now. I KNOW that the offense is good enough to come through this is a good team!

    We’re not out just yet 🙂

    best of luck on thursday mr hunter
    p.s. how the heck do you blog so fast right after the game?!

  3. katied17

    I have 100% faith in you guys. You guys will pull through. Tempting to think it’s a fixed game with all those bs ump calls, but who knows. You guys just have to do the best you can do. We saw it in games 2 and 3, now take us to the world series!!!!

  4. kpeterson32@gmail.com

    I’ve been an Angel fan since I was three years old and I’ve seen absolute MIRACLES from this team.

    You guys can win three-in-a-row, and if you do, it won’t be a miracle. Because you have it in you. You can do it. I know a lot of fans in the stadium and on the couch have a lot of opinions about what could or should have happened, but none of that matters. I saw some amazing plays on both sides tonight. This series isn’t over.

    I hope you’ll get out there and show New York there is more to winning than buying a good team!

  5. hurrayforangels

    Torii, Torii, Torii. I have 2 words for you guys. CALM DOWN. You guys all know what you can do. Every single one of you has talent and CHARACTER beyond measure. I have been watching as much of you guys as I can and, man, you are the most cohesive team when you want to be. Despite fans, despite being down, you have more come from behind wins than anyone else. You all have this AMAZING God given talent and I don’t want to see you wasting it because of mental weakness. I was sitting in the stands today just thinking if I only had the strength you guys show. I sit beside someone for 3 or more hours at a game and never mention God or even make a friend but you get 5 minutes on TV (!) and your whole personality is right there. Its incredible. So, calm down, know what you can do, and rely on what God has given you to carry you. No matter what you hear in New York, you got fans like me who will fight in the stands for you whether you are up or down defending you till the day we die. Cheering for you all no matter what individually and as a team. Lets Go Angels!!

  6. 0angelfan0

    Losses like tonights make the victories all the sweeter. Your fans are going to bring the love Thursday and I have faith in all of you (including the Ralley Monkey).

    Get some rest tomorrow, Thursday is a new day and the time to turn this series and show the Yanks what Angels baseball is all about!

    Go Angels!


  7. ewjazzed

    Torii…tell the guys we the fans are with them. We don’t mind playing the role of Suzy Walker in Miracle on 34th St. because WE BELIEVE…WE BELIEVE. We, the fans, are with you…we are family! And I will be there on Thursday to root you on. And should things in NY not work out, we STILL beiieve. This is one of the best teams in the game with true grit as you put on display Monday night. Yes the Yanks are a good team, and so are the Angels. That’s why both teams are in the ALCS. We need to take a deep breath and remember just how good we are. Because we believe….we believe….we believe….

  8. gaylen50

    Please Torii, do whatever it takes to get the Angels motivated to come back and win the next game and fight til the end. We as fans, will never give up, we believe in you!!!

  9. gaylen50

    Please Torii, do whatever it takes to get the Angels motivated to come back and win the next game and fight til the end. We as fans, will never give up, we believe in you!!!

  10. anglfan777

    Hey Torii,

    You said you needed to be encouraged last night. Well, I’m throwing the encouragement your way now. You guys can do this. We’re still behind you. We are proud to be Angels fans and this thing isn’t over. We know that you can do it. You need to play your baseball and that’s getting on base and running. We need runs – not necessarily home runs but runs.

    We still believe you guys can do this.

    Like the song “Calling All Angels” says, I won’t give up if you won’t give up. I have NOT given up.

    Regroup today and come out tomorrow and show them Yankees who they really are up against. Don’t listen to the media we are LOUD AND PROUD – We are FAN STRONG!!!!

  11. pamelapas@comcast.net

    Torii, I know you are a faithful man. Read Joshua 1:5-9. It tell us we will not be defeated and to stay confident and be determined when starting a big undertaking. God Bless! Go Angels!

  12. chuckisfat

    You want to win games Tori?
    How about calling yourself out for being a failure as a #3 hitter.
    Call out Mike Scioscia for batting Figgins against lefties.
    Call out Rivera for being the worst hitter on your team the last 2 months.

    I suggest this since you enjoy throwing teammates under the bus.

    Why do you save all your errors for the post season meat?

    Fielding errors, terrible throws, horrible at bats, no rbi since game 1 boston, gidp in huge spots, baserunning blunders, and throwing a teammate under the bus.

    Great way to show up pal.

  13. zaydeepol@aol.com

    Sorry Angels fans but this is our year. You don’t have a shot in hell to win 3 in a row. Better luck next year!

  14. s1ark5

    Hey Torii,

    You seem like a good dude and down to earth an all but cmon on son, you ain’t winning this series. You may win tomorrow night cuzz AJ if AJ pulls his DR. Jackyl routine but winning three in a row against this Yankee team is going to be tough, and I am an Angel fan.

    They have too much talent, AROD is playing his best baseball in his career probably, singles, doubles, homeruns, stealing bases. not to mention going against CC potential in game 7.

    Let’s face it this Angel’s team is one of the worst they have had over the last few years when it comes to making the playoffs. The teams in 2002 and 2005 were MUCH MUCH better. Better lineup, a younger Vladi, much much better bullpen! K Rod instead of Fuentes , UGH.

    Nice try homie, but enjoy your millions in the offseason and come back next year.

  15. david.forbes@uav.com

    Torii, Thank you for being one of the best center-fielder since Mr. Puckett. I believe in you and the rest of the halos. I have been a fan since 74. So I have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly years. And if it ends to soon, I will still wear my Angels gear. The Victor Valley is behind you in game 5, 6, and 7.
    I have just some words of advice for my halo’s is “Relax, keep your head in when your are batting”
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    GO HALOS —> bring on Philly

  16. carlinho

    I believe that angels will fight and give us a hard time, but at the end the yankees will prevail. The Angels are the second best team in the american league. The yankees has better hitters and better bullpen. We have a true ace in our rotation. Angels starters are good but not good enough.

    These season and postseason has shown us the end of some eras:
    1. The end of the Red Sox dominance over the Yankees.
    2. The end of Josh Beckett’s dominance over the yankees (the last game at fenway = five homers, the most allowed by him in a single game in his entire career)
    3. The end of the Red Sox dominance over the Angels in the postseason
    4. The end of the Angels dominance over the yankees in the regular season and in the postseason
    5. The end of A-Rod’s slump in postseason games
    6. The end of C.C’s slump in postseason games

    The universe is going back to normal again!!! I remember Torii saying the AL West was the best division in baseball, we will see who prevail in the end. Although the angels are a good team, that won’t be enough to win. This is yankee’s moment and because of what they have done in the entire season they deserve to win the AL and thank God they are proving it with results. It is time that angel fans and players start respecting more this yankee team.

  17. carmine

    The last commentor is obviously a Yankee fan and you have every right to have an oppinion. BUT…….the Angels are going to dominate…..just watch. The Angels need to get out of their heads and start believing in their God given talents. The Angels are good enough to WIN…BUDDY. The Angels have worked just as hard getting to the position they are in AL west Champions. You don’t get there by not being the BEST. What the Angels need to respect is THEMSELVES and know that the game is still on. Torri you are right in thinking that you can take it back to NY…..don’t ever allow yourself or the team to think otherwise. You area strong leader. All true Angels fans will be there no matter what. I can see that you are giving it your all and I know that tomorrow John Lackey the fighting dog that he is will not give up and the entire team will follow. YOU CAN WIN!!

  18. jrubin7@gmail.com

    You say you are battling, but what I see is a frustrated and scared and losing focus. Evidence? Going nuts in the 5th inning that the baserunner left 3rd early. You got the call but you were wrong, so just focus on hitting. I mean, I know CC is great, but it looks like the team couldn’t hit a watermelon right now. Where is Juan Rivera and Bobby Abreau? Are they even showing up in the batter’s box? At least try to work the count. CC threw 29 pitches through 3 innings!!!! And only had 2 innings with more than 12 pitches!!!! That is just absurd. And how many errors has the infield committed thus far?

    I’m gonna root for you know matter what, but I think you need to gain some focus and play fundamental baseball. Please, help me believe you can do this.

  19. abs2sweet

    hey tori,
    I’m a yankee fan but i must say you’re a great player. Your skills have been admirable since you were in the twins. For some reason I thought you hated the yanks while in minnesota, maybe that intensified in La. Obviously, im rooting for the yanks but best of luck in the series and your career. If only you were a yankee too..lol

  20. katied17

    LOVE all the attention you get from the Yankees. They know this isn’t over. Think about what you guys are playing for, and who (#34) and that should be enough inspiration to get you through these next 3 games. You did it with Boston, you can do it again. This is one of the best Angels teams I’ve ever seen, don’t give up yet!

  21. saintaubind@yahoo.com

    We love the Angels and we believe you can come back against the Yankees as we have in the past!!!!
    Fight fire with fire!! We would love to see that
    Halo over Angel Stadium light up tonight.

  22. yanksgrlinphx

    Tori, I have to say i’m a little disappointed with you. What happened to all the class and dignity you used to hold yourself with. You’ve seemed to have changed into just another punk athlete!! “We’re going to shock the world”. Please, it that really be a shock. You guys had the second best record in baseball, no one is taking you or team for granted. No one. Please, go back to letting your skills do the talking instead of your mouth. It is not becoming of you. And please drop the bat flip, especially when it is just a pop up.

  23. hurrayforangels

    To that Yank fan carlinho – Angel fans CAN’T respect the Yankees or their fans because they aren’t class acts. They have cheated and their organization is ok with it, continuing the cycle, and the fans are the second rudest that come to the stadium, besides Dodger fans. NO other fans do that and it is a disgrace to good sportsmanship. THATS why we don’t respect your team. Angels deserve to win – their character and team spirit is the best I have ever seen, and their talent and cohesiveness on the field is incredible. Let’s Go Angels! We love you Torii, thanks for coming to Anaheim!

  24. angelgirl02

    300 million dollars can buy you a team, but it cant buy you heart. Ill keep on believing and I know the Angels are too. Love ya Torii all the Anaheim faithful back home are rooting for you guys 🙂

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