Mountain climbing time

Well, we’ve got a mountain to climb in Game 5. No getting around it. We’ve just got to get there, get to the top somehow. It is a mountain, though, no question about it. A big one.

If they win, it’s over. Yankees go to the World Series, we go home. Simple as that. Down 3-1 in the ALCS, I wouldn’t say I’m frustrated. Mad is more like it. We know baseball. It can turn around any time. We’ve got to go out there and try to climb that mountain.

Everybody is asking me how they’ve shut down our offense. They’ve go CC Sabathia and Mariano Rivera. And A.J. Burnett and Andy Pettitte, and a good bullpen. CC and Mariano, need I say more? But that doesn’t mean we can’t get something going, get our offense rolling again. Sure we can. We need to take it one at-bat at a time, play the way we have all season, and get this thing back to New York.

They had their big man going last night, and we’ve got our big man going tomorrow night. John Lackey, man, I’m comfortable with him out there. He pounds the strike zone, like CC did last night. We didn’t play good defense behind Lackey in Game 1 at Yankee Stadium, and we can’t let that happen again. We’ve got to be on top of our game. We’ve got to play better than that.

People talk about pressure, but we don’t have any pressure down 3-1. We’re just going to go out and play the game the right way, and hopefully that’ll take us back to New York for Game 6. The pressure’s not on us. I don’t buy that at all.

We’ve been trying to get back to our game since the start of the series. We know we can do it. You don’t sweep Boston without being good. We have to get that aggressive mindset and play free but also smart.

It’s been rough offensively. We just haven’t been getting the big hit when we need it. Smooth Bobby Abreu was saying that we’re trying to do too much with runners in scoring position, that we’ve got to relax and hit the way we did during the season.

Bobby knows best. I think he’s on the money. We can’t force things. We have to be disciplined and get pitches in good spots and drive them. We need to be aggressive but play with intelligence at the same time.

It’s a mountain, for sure, but you’ve got to take it one step at a time. We don’t want this to end, and we don’t want to see the Yankees celebrate on our field. No team wants to watch that. Let’s get after it. Crank up the volume, fans, and get the Rally Monkey warmed up.

It’s time to get busy, time to go to work. Time to put on the mountain-climbing boots.


  1. yankeesnow_27

    Really?? You say you have no pressure? Did you consult this with the rest of the team b4 you went out and wrote this. Exactly what have you done in this series Torii????????? No pressure, do something b4 you say the rest of the team doesnt feel pressured, because right now you appear to be a pretty good definition of being pressured is. Good Luck, and don’t get nervous, oh thats right you won’t.

  2. jamiethinksblue


    Don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t even listen to the ones in your head. October is where the impossible can happen. Even if the odds are against you, if you and the guys around you rally and play with your heart and soul out there, anything can happen. I am not an Angels fan (sorry to say I’m a Dodger fan!) but watching you play has really drawn me towards you and your team. I am rooting for you.



    All I can say is remember this: Mark 11:23 (“I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.”) Doubt not!! Just believe!!



    I’d say the pressure’s on the Yankees to not blow it.

    You guys can do this. We all know you can. And we can’t wait to watch you shut up those Fox announcers.

  5. kingsofthewest

    Torii just remeber that numbers do not win battles in the sense of how many homers so and so has or how many RBI’s so and so gots or how many strike outs so and so has. Take one game at a time and remeber…”if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” -Matthew 17:20…GO ANGELS!!!!

  6. betsyjo

    Torii — WE KNOW you guys can DO it!!! You’ve done it before, you can do it again. Just remember our Forever Angel, Nick. We need to win this for him. He’s looking down on you right now saying “Heh, guys, let’s get with it!!!” We will be there tomorrow night banging our sticks & waving our monkeys (if necessary!)…….We CANNOT let THEM celebrate on our field …. no WAY!!!

  7. angelsgirl012

    Its tough to be down 3-1 Mr Hunter but the fans are with you till the end! No matter what happens we’re with ya.

    So do the improbable! What the hey this is baseball! We either go down with a fight or not go down at all lol I don’t know if i’m making sense but its a complicated way of saying good luck!

    I know this team is capable of coming back, that’s what we’ve done all year. Come back. This is a resilient team and i have faith. Best of luck on thursday!!


    Torii, I use to be a twins fan, but when you left Minnesota you took my heart with you to L.A. and ever since then I’ve been a big Angels fan. Eventhough we miss you here in Minnesota we are still cheering for you and the Angels! Go after that ring Torii. KEEP THE FAITH!!!

  9. angelsaremyhomeboys

    I am, have been, and always be a huge Angels fan. I know that you guys have what it takes to win.
    I am currently finishing up my last year at Boston University, so you can imagine my excitement when you guys swept. I proudly wore my jersey to class the following Monday, and a Red Sox fan actually spit on me! (They’re so lame- and just jealous of Angels’ awesomeness. It’s understandable :))
    This isn’t just a good team, but a great team with incredible talent. I believe in you guys- let’s show the Yanks tomorrow and bring this back to New York!
    It would also be awesome if Bobby could beat his old team…then proceed to dominate his older team!
    Torii- I am a HUGE fan 🙂 Even when you were on the Twins, but it’s WAY better now that you’re with us.
    Good luck and GO ANGELS!!

  10. halo1love

    Torii – The look on your face in these pictures… you almost look defeated. I don’t ever want to see that look on your face again! We are ALL pulling for you guys and as of right now, even all my Dodger friends are now pulling for the Angels! Do what you do Torii, you got this!
    Like someone once said, if you have to get through the forest and you don’t see a light at the end, you betta chop them MF trees down! Chop down those Yankees Torii, you guys got this!!!! I’ll be there again tomorrow yelling as loud as I possibly can for all of you!

    Fan Faithful!!!!

  11. noni

    The Red Sox had to take 4 in a row in 2004. They did it!, you can take 3. You just have to Believe!!
    Good Luck in tonights game!

  12. joez34

    just don’t forget to have fun. you guys played the season 1 game at a time, having a good time doing it and that brought you all success, and will help you get over that mountain now 🙂

  13. _twins.08_

    I am a dedicated Twins fan, but honestly when we lost that last ALCS game…on the way out of the Metrodome all the Twins fans started chanting…”Let’s go Angels” “Let’s Go Torii, we love you!” So good luck with the series…show them that you can win. Us Twins fans have a lot of faith in you guys and we are supporting you!! -steph

  14. lala19

    I have been a fan for more years than you are old Torii. Halo players have always had heart. I can still remember “Yes we can” chant I believe it more this year than ever.I am asking you to flash that great smile of yours and Bobby and Chone. It’s was missing in the game. Chill and relax play your game and you will beat those pinstriped uniforms.

  15. j_rod

    Well put on the last comment. We just need to chill and relax and play the game. I’ve been at the home games from the start of the season and up to the last game (season ticket holder). Big difference in the demeanor and swagger we’ve had since the error at short in game 1. We need not be intimidated by this team…we can play with them. We have done it before and beat this team during the regular season. No reason why we cannot beat them 3 straight. With runners in scoring position, big difference in the approach we have had in this series versus the regular season. Just remember boys, pressure on the pitcher, crush that ball with a nice easy swing. Let’s not try to do to much.

    I have confidence we can get it done and make history, 3 straight and let’s take on Philly. It’s been done before and this year it can be done again. If we win, pressure is back on the Yanks as they will start thinking it might be 2004 all over again! Let’s go boys, give us fans something to cheer about tonight!


    I have faith that the Angels are going to turn it around and
    win tonight !! I have seen the Angels sweep the Yanks at
    yankee stadium so I know we can do it now!! Go HALO’S !!

  17. hurrayforangels

    Hi Torii! I hope you get to read this prior to gametime, but you guys did an amazing thing – you got every other team’s fans cheering for you to win this. Forget the rude Yankee fans in the stadium starting fights. Dust Ya’ shoulders off, and go out there and play one game at a time, forgetting who you are playing, just like you guys have done all season. It isn’t any different. Your goals were always to win one game at a time. Don’t change that. You all know what you can do. Look at all the scripture on here, man. You have God’s own people rooting for you. Its an amazing thing happening right here. “I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, And their faces were not ashamed.” Psalm 34:4-5 Seek the Lord, and He will hear you!! God Bless you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing. You have no idea what awesomeness God has planned for you and by following Jesus Christ, you are an example to all of us that no one is beyond salvation and in every place we can proclaim His Mighty Name. We love you guys and will be continually in prayer for ALL of you!


    Pi$$ on them dang Yankees ’cause I believe in the Power of the Monkey! I said I BELIEVE in the Power of the Monkey! I BELIEVE in the Power of The Angels! For Nick, for my Connie, and for all the kids tragically taken from us by drunks, who will never again see an Angels game, go out and to this for them. Now go out there and kick some YankMee b*tt! We love you Torii!

  19. carmine

    In our lives there are things we may never understand, no matter how hard we try. Still…we must do our best, and know we’ll always get by. In our lives are desires we may never realize, regardless of how much we hope. Still…we must go on, believing that the things meant to be…will be, and that all things are possible. In our lives there are many things that we can change and control as we choose; other things are less affected by us. It is up to THE ANGELS to set the stage for good things to come THEIR way. For in our lives, in the course of our days, no matter how sunny or gray, there is a wonderful opportunity given to each…If only we can believe and remember that…even though our dreams may sometimes seem far away…they’re never out of reach. GO ANGELS!!


    Hi Angles fans in L.A.
    You guys are awsome! Like I said in my other post when Torii left Minnesota he took my heart with him. I only wish I could be there with you guys at the game tonigt cheering with you. I was a season ticket holder here and I really miss thoses days. I just wanted to say thank you for loving Torii the way we did here in Minnesota. KEEP THE FAITH everybody I’m sure Nick Adenhart and Kruby Puckett have their cheering section up in heaven too. God Bless.


    This was my Facebook status comment earlier today. The Angels dedicated this season the memory of Nick Adenhart, and stated they would stop nothing short of winning a World Championship. This entire season has been this team going out there and overcoming adversity, while coming out on top. I hope they remember this tonight. I hope they remember this when they head to New York. Time to forget where you are. It’s time to remember the cause. It’s time to remember why you are here and what it took to get here. it’s time to remember Nick and remember the promise you made to yourselves. It’s time to rally around each other and do what it is you do best…. and that is win. You guys are better than the Yankees in so many ways. This team represents the spirit of sport, the spirit of commitment. Step outside of the moment, step outside the adversity, and win. Tap into that area of your hearts that never says quit. Remember Nick.

  22. angelsgirl012

    Mr Hunter,

    the team is battling back and i love it! Ya gotta give those tough Yankees a scare. No way are they gonna be let off easy that’s for sure. We’ll be right there in NY with you in spirit… hey maybe some angel fans will be there cheering you on too 🙂


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