Back to the Bronx for more thrills


We earned ourselves another trip to the big city, to New York. It wasn’t easy, but we made it happen. I’m so proud of this team, the way it keeps coming back.

The Angels are for real. I don’t think anybody can doubt that now.

Man, I was going crazy out there in the seventh inning. They scored six runs to take the lead, and we came right back to get three and then held on. Hey, nobody said it was going to be easy, right?


That ninth inning got to me. My knee started hurting me. That hasn’t happened all year. I guess it was the intensity of the moment. My heart was beating fast. It was very exciting — especially when Erick Aybar got under that last popup by Nick Swisher on the 3-2 pitch by Brian Fuentes and it was finally over.

We came out and played our game. We were aggressive right from the start. I’m not giving away any strategies, but A.J. Burnett, last time we faced him in New York, got ahead of us pounding the strike zone. We came out taking some good swings after Chone Figgins worked a walk to get us started.

Bobby Abreu stroked that double to center, which put two guys in scoring position. I got something I liked and drove it past Derek Jeter for two runs. That’s a good feeling, us getting off to a good start like that. Then Vladimir Guerrero and Kendry Morales came through with hits, and we’re up 4-0. I’m sure John Lackey liked that.

But we knew four runs weren’t safe, not against that team. Lackey pitched great, man. I had a good view of that 3-2 pitch to Jorge Posada that was called a ball. It was a good pitch, man. People are asking about Lackey reacting the way he did, but if you don’t react on a call like that, you shouldn’t be here. It’s a natural reaction, nothing bad or hostile about it. He thought he threw a strike and didn’t get the call, and it was big. I don’t blame John for reacting like he did. Any competitor would have done that.

That was a fight, a battle to the finish. Those guys never give up, and neither do we. That’s why this is such a great matchup. There’s a lot of mutual respect here, I think.

We know they’ve got Mariano Rivera in the bullpen, so it’s important to get early leads and hold onto them. That’s what we need to do against Andy Pettitte in Game 6 on Saturday. We’re looking for another good effort by Joe Saunders, who really pitched well in Game 2 against Burnett in New York.

Joe is cool, and he likes the weather cold, being from Virginia. I’m pretty sure he’ll get that kind of weather again. I don’t think it’ll be in the 70s, like it is in Southern California this time of year. But let’s not get started about the weather again. The cold didn’t beat us those first two games. We didn’t make plays we usually make. We didn’t play like the Angels.

Tonight, when we had to — we were the Angels, the team we’ve been all year. We’ve been on a mission to win this for Nick Adenhart’s family, and that mission continues.

We got what we were after, a return trip to New York. Now we plan to make the best of it and force a Game 7. But it’s one game at a time, one inning at a time, one pitch at a time.

I’ve got a headache right now. This excitement is getting to me. I can use a day to relax and get ready for another battle in the Bronx.



  1. MLBallhawk

    I think we can just call you guys the Cardiac kids starring the HART attack! Notice that our HART is like no other ……… IT”S ADENHART!!!

    Bring us the game 6 win first and then we can talk about the rest of it!!


    GO HALOS!!



    I’m still on a high from tonight’s game.

    You guys played like the Angels I’ve been cheering on all year and it was awesome to see you show all the naysayers what’s up!

    Could have done without the anxiety attack in the ninth there, but Fuentes held on, you were all alert and ready, and you did it.

    I can’t wait to see Game 6. It’s true. Just one game at a time. And the pressure is on the Yankees, not on you.

  3. angelsaremyhomeboys

    Now that, tonight, that was Angels Baseball.
    Let’s do this!!! I love you guys! Let’s show them what we’re made of!!

  4. angelsaremyhomeboys

    Now that, tonight, that was Angels Baseball.
    Let’s do this!!! I love you guys! Let’s show them what we’re made of!!

  5. uscndaangels909


  6. hurrayforangels

    I knew, I knew it, I knew it. I saw my Angels tonight. And you came out swinging – literally. (Take care of yourself, Torii. We need you! I saw you running the bases in that first inning and I could see something in the way you ran – it didn’t look normal.)
    So, get some much deserved rest, but don’t let that dog stop flashing its teeth as you say. We’re all still here waiting for a hero’s return. You got Dodgers fans, Twins fans, I think even Phillies fans rooting for you so you know just because you will be at Yankee stadium, you have the nation cheering for you. One game at a time, no pressure, just do what you do. That’s all. See you on Saturday! Go Halos!

  7. hurrayforangels

    One more comment, I ran into a few of our Angels family tonight and they had just come back from the game. It was awesome – they both had no voice left from screaming so much. Good job guys!

  8. redrooster16

    What an incredible game tonight! Torii, we’ll see you back in Anaheim next week for the World Series!!!

    Whatever happens though, I want you to tell your teammates that they’ve shown a whole bunch o’ guts this postseason. There have been many times during this series where you guys could have just given up and said it wasn’t meant to be, but instead you just keep fighting—it’s exciting to watch!

    The Angels have done Nick’s memory, and all us fans, proud this year!

  9. anaheim88

    Man! That was a great game. My nails were bleeding because this was such a nailbiter game. Torii, you definitely need some rest for New York, I hope your knee is going to be ok. GREAT GAME GUYS! Go and show the Yanks what’s up! Love You Guys!!!!

  10. bastinhtr

    What a fantastic game! You all came thru like the great team you are. We were at the game and the fans were wild!! I left my voice there! Be tuff in the Bronx, show them what you’re made of. We will be back home cheering you on and sending some love.


  11. carmine

    I BELIEVE!!! I BELIEVE!!! I BELIEVE!!! THE ANGELS GOT IT DONE. IT WAS A BATTLE….BUT, IN THE END THE ANGELS GOT IT DONE. Please take care and keep that fighting focus at hand for Saturday. Keep believing….you have many fans that know the Angels can get it done. The Angels have won in NY and this is the time to prove it to yourselves…play hard and never let your guard down. It is a battle and all true Angel fans will be sending good vibes, support and prayers to you Torii and the entire team. You are a strong leader so keep you focus and keep Believing!!! GO ANGELS!!

  12. ettin

    As a long-time Angels fan I couldn’t have been more prouder of my team than I was last night!
    The view from the right-field bleachers was perfect and I want you and the rest of the team to know that we kept that big group of Yankee’s fans, nearby, in check the whole game!
    Even my wife, a good Muslim woman who knows nothing about baseball, was sitting at my side praying in Farsi for the team to win for the memory of Nick and his family.
    I have never been to an Angel’s game where the Rally Monkey has come out to support in the late innings and the eruption from the crowd (and my wife of all people!) was tremendous! I know why Derek Jeter hates that monkey so much!

    Just remember, when you are in the enemy’s camp in NY, that we are supporting you with every ounce of our souls and are shouting and screaming with every hit, defensive play, and run that the Angels produce!


  13. anglfan777

    Way to go Angels. I’ve been saying for a few days now, “it’s NOT over” and it’s not. You guy keep fighting just like the team I’ve watched fight all year long. I could have done without the heart attack in the 9th but hey I’ll take the win.
    I’m so proud of you guys and honored to be an Angels fan. Go out there on Saturday and play your game. We’re here at home cheering for you and pulling for you. We know you can do this. Get some rest today and be ready to rock that yankee stadium with a couple of Halo wins and bring it home to begin the world series.
    GO ANGELS!!!!

  14. lonsmdv

    Keep the momentum going Angels. Swing for hits not HR,that is your game and that is what got you past Boston and that is what will get you past the NYY.


    Read Rev 3:7-8 (The Message to Philadelphia) When I did I thought about it like this. The Lord is not through with you guys yet, you still have an open door here and until the Lord moves you, you are to bloom right where you are. God Bless.

  16. soclosetoalmost

    You don’t read these….but if you do…there is nothing better than watching you climb the wall…this is your chance to do it…right here, right now… You have a chance to let Nick’s name be remembered by the entire world forever…so climb the wall man!…This will be the highest one you’ve ever faced and the reward at the top will never be lost…we are counting on you. Let’s Go A-Men!

  17. angelsgirl012

    Mr Hunter,

    we have faith even when half the world doesn’t! Rest today and go get em tomorrow we’ll be there for the team till the end 🙂


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